My interview went well today. If things go as planned, I'll be living in Pittsburgh by mid May.

Trying to pack and I'm trying to sort through a dozen boxes of pictures. The memories were too much. I went for a drive after dropping the last of daughter's stuff off. Home and I'm a slug. I should pack but I'm wanting a nap.

Packing for Pittsburgh. Just in time too, my loony found out and 5 people have already approached me with his phone number to please call him. Part of me still loves him and part of me wants knock him the fuck out. I sat and looked at his number, put the phone down and kept packing.

I was a little late buying Anthem. It's pretty fucking buggy but fun and the graphics are aMAZing!

I had been using my ex boyfriend's computer for a decade? So my covenmate decided to surprise me with something newer than Vista Family edition. Thanks, @LexPendragon

This inspired me to do a fandom quilt for myself. I better get my granddaughter's quilt done first though. She's the boss. Lol

Facebook is starting to run second to Mastadon. The Dodo videos, The Destiny Community and Nihilistic memes still keep me coming back Fakebook. I have to say I'm starting to get comfortable here. I have few friends but that's something I'll have to work on when my life isn't so demanding.

No one fucking believes in magic, until a tree falls on their house and suddenly it's the witch's fault.

This is what happens when walk away from the console briefly. Why don't you pay attention to me? Here let me hold that controller for you and make you feel guilty for ignoring my obvious cuteness.

I have no idea why I only sleep for 3-4 hours at a time but my clanmate is annoyed that I'm almost capped on all my characters and he isn't because of this insomnia.

Obviously so much has changed in the world of technology. And that's a big fat no to photo filters transforming me into some woodland creature.

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