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I want to see a comic where all of the non-Doctors (as in Doctor Who) have a multi-Doctor story. We get Richard E. Grant (Shakla), Peter Cushing (Dr. Who), and John Hurt (War Doctor) work together to stop Michael Jayston (The Valeyard) and Toby Jones (Dream Lord). Depending how this current story works out, throw Jo Martin in and have a quick visit with Rowan Atkinson and/or Joanna Lumley, too.

Hey there Cthulu
What's it like in shadowed R'lyeh?
You're a thousand fathoms down, girl
But tonight you look so prettey

**checks watch ⌚ **

I can't believe it's this late in the morning and I have very little on my plate. I should go find something to do, like dishes, but I like not having to do something.

I am absolutely loving and cheering along with Guardians of the Galaxy #2. Al's writing is spot on and fun, and the art effects Juann pulls of are a great way to translate things to comics you are used to from other visual media. Great stuff!

Wizards Unite Community Day....

I think I'm good for most of it. I could use the extra Doxies, but it's not worth heading out to fight for the Serpent Eggs, and I'm full up on everything else. I even have twenty Trace Tonics already.

(This is me justifying sleeping in and not being ready to rush or to play and having things to do at one. It's a game, it shouldn't feel like work.)

Majel, not to be out done, made me one with Spider-Man decorations.

(Guess I'm having a second cookie.)

So I have a lot of things I didn't eat today, so instead of eating what I should on this diet, imma gonna drink more bourbon and have a cookie and some popcorn.

Sounds fair, right?

Preview Gif!

I made an old fashioned because my wife bought me a T-Shirt about old fashioned. It worked this time!! I am mappy. Happy.

I am also already done with the old fashioned and I barely ate today. 🥃

Also, for Nextwave fans, apparently the BeyondCorp is a real thing, and is run by Google.

I was just chatting with a friend about how Arron, Monica, Tabitha, and Elsa all still swear in skull-and-crossbones ever since Nextwave. Here's this week's Elsa in Deadpool as proof.

(Gotta share: Nextwave theme song: )

Worth noting: It was a pain in the butt, until I turned around and cleaned off/paid respects to my Ganesha statue, and afterwards, things just worked. Thanks Ganesha!

Yes! I have conquered the digital signatures of Microsoft Outlook for my client! Now, I think I will celebrate by bathing, then maybe eating, or maybe going out to play Harry Potter and then coming home and playing Zelda while my wife helps my covenmate (Hi @FernDragonstar !) with her taxes.

Later: Bourbon! (and )

This morning workout was apparently a "recovery yoga". Tomorrow is Saturday and we don't work out in Saturday and Sunday, so this feels like a wasted day.

So, I am home from my clients, now at my own desk, still haven't changed to cozy pants, still working.

At least I have Serenity on my tie!

While waiting for a support desk to answer and doing other work at the same time, I just remembered: I have comics I could be reading!! Guh, work.

I think that listening to podcasts, (some person going on and on talking) instead of music, has been cemented in my brain as the background noise for "Work", while music means I don't have to take whatever I am doing seriously.

I am not sure that's a good thing, but it was an interesting observation.

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