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Con: Catching up on work on a Saturday.
Pro: ...while wearing cozy pants and having a beer.

139 Windows updates. How long do you think that will take?

(I am debating going to bed and picking this up in the morning.)

I hate it in SciFi and similar where they have a space empire and throw around terms that are so impossibly large it's laughable. This empire, which is so large but doesn't include the earth or anything else we care about, just lost their "nearest galactic cluster." It took us decades to get our first hunk of metal out of the solar system and they expect drop "galactic cluster", one of apparently many, like it's NBD.

*Sips Eggnog with Makers Mark in it*

Alright, let's upgrade this server!

After decades of Spider-Man, does anyone else occasionally look up at the ceiling just to make sure it's empty?

Last night I was very annoyed by a VPN issue for one of my clients, as it was the second time and I couldn't find any reason it would fail. I had to push it as a network issue and was troubleshooting the networks. Today, a second instance popped up. I found the Windows Settings and reached out to the guy from yesterday and fixed that. Both were thrilled.

It eases a lot of my stress over a problem when I think I have failed miserably but the client things I have worked a miracle.


Fantastic Four 2099 #1 takes a left turn into horror at the end. It left me shook. Excellent work!

Today, we give thanks that we live in a society with so much excess and so little scarcity we can gorge ourselves like classic Romans, and if we physically gain weight today it's considered a successful holiday.

🦃 Gobble goggle!

Yesterday I had a very weird vibe of being accomplished. Not that I actually accomplished anything, just that I felt like I had and I was done. Today, I don't seem to have anything I need to delve into seriously, but I feel like there's something looming that I haven't taken care of yet.



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