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I can't imagine I am the only person wondering, day after day lately, "Why did I bother to pants on today?"

This is the point in the afternoon I suddenly wish I had more coffee. ☕

I am typing this out as a reminder to myself that it might suddenly be some extra work, and annoying extra work while I want to work on *my* work, but I still have it incredibly good.

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Now, in the Age of Corona, that privileged has vanished without warning. I love my kids, I want them to get this education, so now I need to co-teach (with the virtual stuff the school set up for them) while still working from home myself. In my care, I have two kids.

Compared to how it was last month, this doesn't compare, it is nowhere near as nice. Compared to how it would be last millennium, we are still living in a golden age, and I am grateful.

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Today, getting my kids set up with Virtual Classrooms. It makes me realize just how good we (Americans) had it where we could kick out kids out the door and the school would take care of them for a few hours and send them back with lots of information shoved into their brains. This freed us up to go work on our stuff.

goths sexting is spooky action at a distance

Milfgard? That's one of the nine or ten realms that I think I would like to visit.

Am I tired because I have the Coronas or because I have nowhere to go so I feel no need to get up and do anything?

My alarm went off forty-five minutes ago. This is an hour later than what it was when they kids had to be up for school. I've been hitting snooze every five minutes since, and just hit dismiss. My wife hasn't woken up next to me yet.

My calendar is completely empty, and I just feel like there's no reason to get out of bed at this point. I can do my workout whenever I do bother to get up, otherwise....


My hobby: Drinking a lot of bourbon and watching science shows, occasionally arguing against the science they use.

"Damnit Neil, you can't prove life exists on some other world just by detecting a chemical these. It's totally possible for all chemicals to occur naturally!"

I love how epic Conan is. Giant monster appears and devours someone in front of him? No big deal for the barbarian.

Living in the future:

Sending IMs to my 11 and 7 year old about their school work they have to do today.

Just listened to @HackerRadioShow and heard @thegibson and @drwho! Inara was impressed because I knew people who were on the radio.

(Well, she pretended to be impressed, but that is probably for my benefit. She's a good kid.)

Well, with the collapse of the American economy, my work load just got lighter. I think I will take a shower, go buy supplies for my Ostara pepperoni pie, and enjoy the slow time.

@Chance has decided that today is a Weird Al day.

I am not working on my second ticket for the day, in my PJs, expensive headphones on, rocking out to Word Crimes.

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