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Posts here are just my way of screaming into the void; thoughts I want to express, but don't really expect anyone to want to listen to.

(Feel free to listen anyway.)

Golden Ale my technologically-enhanced butt, that's an IPA. I hate IPAs. Thanks for making me waste a 6-pack purchase Kona Brewing. 🖕

Tab completion:

alexius@Chance:/etc/BackupScript> sudo zypper install r
Display all 1337 possibilities? (y or n)

1337? Nice.

Satanist cop stickers!

… I tried attaching the images but Tusker says they're invalid. I'm AFK will figure out why later.

"The Algorithm" has decided to keep showing me articles about AI having done this or AI having drawn pictures or whatever.

I keep reading it as Al, as in Alfred. Specifically, the Weird one. So, I keep thinking Weird Al has drawn images of everyone from the Harry Potter series and The Algorithm felt I needed to know.

Oh my! That's what they call the Magic Smoke.

So much for that drive.

Heya @snipe ! I saw people talking about how awesome you were, and your profile gave credence to that.

Also, your hair from your picture is awesome, and makes feel feel incredibly inadequate and self conscious for having my natural brown hair in a corporately acceptable style.

I wish there was something set up so that every time my laptop's fan kicks on high, I had a little pop up/widget that told me what was causing Volstagg (my laptop) to think so hard.

free covid tests (u.s.) 

you can request free covid tests from the federal government again! this time we get 8 free ones

I've been out of bed for about thirty minutes, and I am already done with the day. I need a break.

You know how you go to bed so you can wake up recharged and ready to go?

I slept, but did not wake up recharged. I've got stuff to do, so 'more sleep' isn't an option.


I'm drinking a whiskey on the rocks. I always mix it, so I guess this is really good whiskey.

I'm also watching this week's Strange New Worlds. I'm really loving it, which may be the whiskey, but even if so, I think this is going to be my new Thursday evening plan.

Oh, I should point out:

This is Pittsburgh, PA, USA. North of the city, southern most edge of Ross Township.

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If there's anything you want or know who wants it, speak up and we'll set it on the porch for pickup. (As opposed to the car for thrift store donations.)

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The obvious answer is 'No', but:

We are redoing our kitchen, and as such we have things we are getting rid of. Does anyone want plates, cups, bowls and all that sort: It's Princess House Crystal which someone though was "worth money" but is just fancy looking glass. There's also a handful of pots we are getting rid of, a very used oven, mugs, a ton of cheap picture frames, some decrative items, some curtains, or other kitchen stuff I forgot.

I need to start my day with Irish Coffee. These users are too 🤬 to deal with sober.

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