Kids are off school, but I'm up at the normal time anyways so I can go to their parents/teacher conference.


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Some for :HorizonLabs: :RespectTheDigits:
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And one for me, which is really for all of us: :QuarteredCircle:

There was once a woman who tried to cool herself to absolute zero Show more

So, they emoji's are too small to see most of the time. What do you all do to actually see them?

I was reading profiles from Trunk, which made me think I need an introduction, not just for Mastodon, but for the Internet at large.

...but I don't think I know myself well enough to know what others would want to know. So: Please, everyone, to whatever degree you know me, could you reply here with an Introduction for me so I can cut and paste it into an introduction and pin it?

We aren't fans of Princess Buttercup, but as I pointed out, she's more of a Princess McGuffin.

I forgot how great this movie is. We're a fifth of the way into it, and I'm more hooked into it than anyone else. So are the kids. So is my wife, who had no intention of watching it.

I'm a straight male.

I'm showing my daughters The Princess Bride for the first time, and I decided Carey Elwes is the sexiest thing in this movie. (We're about five minutes in.)

Ceramic coffee mug, holds 16oz, but fits in a cup holder.

That means it has to be thinner and not have a handle that extends to the base so that it doesn't hit the side of the cup holder. I would love a good design. Dishwasher safe a big plus, but we use our coffee mugs more frequently than we run the dishwasher.

At this point, I strongly suspect we will have to commission them.

Location Sharing! It stayed on the screen long enough for me to see. That makes sense, its shared with my family.

(...And of course, Google.)

I searched, and "Android icon person with waves" was a Google suggestion, but there were no relevant results. I found a link of ALL Android icons apparently that is the "voice over recording" icon.

WTF? 😳

I keep seeing this new icon pop up in my notification bar on my phone. I'd drop down to see what it was, and it disappears pretty quickly. (That's not all that odd. Podcast updating notifications do that.) Today, I saw it while the drop down was opened, and saw the first word of the description was Uploading <something something>.

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