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Posts here are just my way of screaming into the void; thoughts I want to express, but don't really expect anyone to want to listen to.

(Feel free to listen anyway.)

We (@Chance and I) are back after a six hour power outage. I am headed to bed, see you tomorrow!

From the letters in my word game, I am finding new "words" that lead my brain down a creative line of strange potential Sci-Fi stories/worlds.

I think it would be a fascinating world in which exists:


Elon Musk's name is an anagram for Noel Skum. How's has he not been revealed to be a super villain yet?

Misheard, but it sounds like an interesting comic premise:

Asgardening: Tending the yard of the gods.

Weirdest thing, Friday I was in Giant Eagle (local grocery store), and this song came over the music that was playing in the store:

Weird, right? It'd be like hearing it on the FM Pop radio station.

things lost from the teenaged experience by moving to ubiquitous portable telephony 

when I was in high school, I had a phone, a landline because that's what a phone meant back then, in my bedroom, that I'd spliced the handset cable into my stereo system and radio shack mixer so I could listen to music and the person I was talking to on the phone in my headphones and talk over my mic and they could hear the music and me too and it was pretty freaking cool during those late night talks with that person whomst makes you shaky inside.

Spent the day at Kennywood with the daughters, so I didn't really make a GIf, but i made a gif. Here's Mastodon's preview!

What I think would be epic would be Marvel taking a song like "Tonight is What It Means To Be Young" and turning it into the template for a Young Avengers movie. I can picture Isiah shouting "Stop your crying, hold on" to Billy while Kate is standing in the back pf the convertible firing off arrows as America and Teddy knock the army of disposable bad guys off the car as Tom runs alongside with the McGuffin.

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"Let the revels begin,
Let the fire be started,
We're dancing for the desperate,
and the brokenhearted..."

Jim Steinman wrote powerful chants that pop music is seriously lacking in. A single song can hold an entire movie's worth of story, rise, fall, and epic conclusion. "Stop your crying, hold on..."

Okay, Fiber is so clearly better than cable, but my options are Comcast for cable, which is bad, or Verizon, which is worse.

Damn monopolies.

My standards for the day have really dropped if "I showered" makes me feel accomplished, huh?

Your rapper name is lil + your mother’s maiden name, the name of your childhood pet, and the last four digits of your social security number

A doctor's office just called for a payment on a visit a kid forgot to tell us about. After I paid them:

Them: We need to update our records. Where to you work?
Me: I forget.
Them: How much do you make there?
Me: I'm not sure.
Them: How much are your rent and utilities?
Me: I don't know.
Them: Really?
Me: As far as you know.

Fuck off, collector. You got paid, that's all you're owed.

Stayed up to watch the Nevers finale, then got up to get Inara off to school, and I think five and a half hours of sleep was too little. I looked at what is required for my morning workout...

...and I think I am going back to bed for an hour.

I see Amy Adams name hit the news, and I am constantly disappointed because my brain first sees Amy Acker, and I like Amy Acker. (Amy Adams is nice enough, she just never captured my interest the way Fred / Illyria / Whiskey did.)

There is a non-zero chance I recline my office chair and take a nap in front of my computer.

So, I have the Soundtrack to Breath of the Wild in my playlist. It's amazing, and listening to it feels like being there I haven't played it since I bought the Switch (for the kids) back at the holidays, but I think this soundtrack is about to make me drop $100 on buying it (and the DLC) again for the Switch.

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