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Posts here are just my way of screaming into the void; thoughts I want to express, but don't really expect anyone to want to listen to.

(Feel free to listen anyway.)

The look of disdain that Bats gives for being given a dog dish is amazing.

Strange #6

It's nearly eleven. I had one whiskey, I'm ready for bed, so clearly I got super old in the last few days.

Hail Eris! Is Si Spurrier a Discordian, but this sounds like something a Discordian would write.

Legion of X #5

PRIEST: Do you take Florence to be your wife?


PRIEST: Does anyone have anything-

RAGE: [from the back] I'M AGAINST THIS

I just listened to the Hamilton Polka, which I realized was a subtle flex on Weird Al's part, proving he can rap just as fast and as well as Daveed Diggs.

Majel made a vampire in the Sims, which I decided needed to be named Contessa Scabulous.

This is the comic for Contessa Scabulous bedazzling a scab.

Oh, heads up, @Chance is rebooting.

....or, rebooted. We're already back. Didja miss me?

Local Holiday!!

September 15, 1995 the movie Hackers was released.


I knew I was an old man when I realized Huey Lewis was one of my favorite bands.

Since my D&D game is tonight, I have an image of my gnome druid Fonkin, my know, who summons The Pixies to assist. The sail in on a Wave of Mutilation.

Alc, hacker stickers 

Some cool stickers from#hackredcon

Majel's laptop died (case broke and separated). I have replacements, so now I am going to do what I learned in D&D:

Loot the body!

"...but first, I am going to take some performance enhancing drugs."

*Eats a piece of caffeinated chocolate.*

My ten year old daughter was wearing a hoodie and flipped the hood up while eating breakfast. I said she looked like a hacker. She looked at the table and pretended to type, and said:

"I'm doing something I shouldn't because I like stealing from old people. heh heh heh"

Can't believe they are going to make a MAN queen. This woke nonsense has gone too far.

(stolen from

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