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I haven't posted this for a while, but Harry Potter: Wizards Unite made a massive, fun update, so I'm reposting:

Friend Code is: 8225 8252 1816.

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Posts here are just my way of screaming into the void; thoughts I want to express, but don't really expect anyone to want to listen to.

(Feel free to listen anyway.)

Slow, dragging start to the day, and the workout looked hard, but even though I really I felt it in my muscles, it wasn't bad at all. The Egg/ham/cheese muffin I made was very tasty, and it looks like I cleared my work queue pretty effectively yesterday.

Seems like today is going okay!

"Look upon my breakfast, ye mighty, and despair!!"

I came here to chew gum and exercise my democratic rights, and I'm all out of democratic rights.

Does anyone else find themselves saying things like "By the end of the year, we may get the house reappraised, assmuing we still have an economy."

Today's power failure at least proved that the last time I had an issue I did successfully fix the Cron startup job on @Chance for Mastodon. Yeah!

@esmamuhammed21 was a real human (or convincing AI, same thing.) Unblocked, and welcome to Mastodon!

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So, because I am very mean to myself, I got up today and started a new workout series today. It was the right thing, I feel much better for having done it, results or not.
My next issue is going to be that I am sure I am going to have an ass like JLo because all the workouts I seem to be doing end up being titled "Build a Booty Workout."

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So, I spent last week not getting up and working out as a rest week. I was thinking I was going to stop, because the FitnessBlender fitness test showed me that I haven't actually made much progress. Just going by "Plank hold time", I did one minute way back when I started. But for about the last six months, I have topped out around two minutes, and not shown much improvement.

New user on, named @esmamuhammed21. As a devoted pagan server host, it seems like an odd choice for you to set up shop, making me afraid you are a bot. Or at least a spam account.

Are you? If you aren't we can talk, but otherwise I think I am going to suspend your account and delete your tweets.

Why does cutting a sandwich (on typical, square bread) diagonally make it significantly tastier?

If something makes me laugh enough to want to share it, but I don't have anyone to share it with, I repost it here.

"Damnit!" I thought, "This new case doesn't seem to fit, it's too tight. In fact, it looks like it just broke itself between the edge and the blue case---oh."

This was not that funny, but I haven't been able to stop laughing for the last few minutes:

I saw a headline that suggested the New York Times publishing the tax return might sink Trump. I think it's hilarious to naive that after four years of this crap something would "sink" him, but I do appreciate the poetic irony that would be in the fourth estate he railed so often against being something to actually hurt him.

I didn't have the issue for , but Vig came through and got it for me. He's the subject for my Preview Gif!

Nothing like going out in public to remind you how much humanity deserves this plague.

I am going to start to refer to this as the "Pre-apocalyptic landscape."

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