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I need a new friend in Harry Potter. Be my Wizards Unite friends, please.

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Just told two clients and one of my sources to phuck right the hell off for being bigots or doing business with bigots.

Let me be clear : if you are a bigot, or you do business with bigots, then your money is no good with me. Keep your filthy money and go spend it somewhere else.

Somebody I have been buying meteorites from for over 10 years just came out of the closet as a Trump-supporter. I dropped his "Smiley Glad Hands" ass like a bad habit.

I have zero phucks to give about profits.

Lately, there are these bit characters in the Marvel stories I have really been appreciating. (Ms. Marvel) Kamala Khan's brother, Aamir, wins me over here for just being a great brother. (Last week it was Ironheart's Step-Dad.)

No static IPs. No reserved IPs.
Down here, every IP floats…

Stephen King's
I. T.

Preview Gif!!

I wanted to try this mix. I think the one I made with Torani and lemon juice was better, so far, but it wasn't like I measured this out. Maybe next time.

Right now, on my desk, there's a laptop rebooting for a client (taking over an hour so far), a monitor with my Keybase chatroom, a monitor my Zendesk with my notes for the work I am doing, my phone with Wizards Unite, a monitor with my web browser and the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man :SpiderJumping: , a monitor playing Lost Boys, my (now empty) coffee pot and Spider-Man mug, and a Windows laptop remoted into a server (for work).

This is me living my best life, isn't it?

A 25-year-old politician got heckled during a climate crisis speech. Her deadpan retort: 'OK, boomer' | CNN

"Stripper Batusi" was my way to describe a recent episode of Titans.

All the forums that I found with my problem didn't have away for me to reply with the fix I found, so I am just posting it here.

If you have a G Suite account and an Android Wear watch, and it won't connect for some apps (like Pay or Fit), you need to turn off Mobile Management in your admin console.

Remember when things were named as eWhatever, not iWhatever? We even had eMacs.

I like e better than i.

I have heard people discussing Spider-Man and how he lost his parents and was raised by his aunt was a comfort to them.

I think it's absurd that an adult white male would be glad to see himself represented in the Ironheart comics, but here we are. Great work, guys!

I noticed something about representation in comics that isn't new, but I don't think is pointed out as often. In Ironheart, Riri Williams grows up with a step-dad. I have three daughters, the eldest is not biologically my daughter. It's not like men are underrepresented anywhere, but it makes me smile when I see another step-dad who is being a good parent.

I added a new Fetch to my staff of minions. Or more accurately, I gave an existing one an assistant. This is Shtool, who helps Minish.

I got a cat back in 1999. He passed away about a half a decade ago. Today was his birthday. (It's still a repeating event in my calendar.) I miss that boy.

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