I honestly don't think of Valentine's Day as intrinsically special because it happens to also be my birthday

If my birthday were any other day, I'd spend it with my sweetheart(s) anyway and get gifts from them and other shit, so Valentine's day just feels redundant

I'm actually kind of annoyed about Valentine's Day because of the "awwww!" and "wow a Valentine's baby" remarks that come up automatically, along with all the vitriol and merchandising I see being directed at today

I mean

How would you like it if people hated your birthday because some holiday you don't even acknowledge is shared with it


@Elizafox You can do what my born-on-the-Fourth-of-July Mother-in-law does and assume it's all hearts and candy and expressions of love that's directed at you.

"Oh, thank you, but I filled up on bon bons on the ride over, but the diamond ring is adorable! Why is your girlfriend looking at me so annoyed?"

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