We're watching Enterprise, and I decided Klingon sounds like Dothraki. I suspect I'd enjoy seeing some Dothraki vs, Klingon battles/parties. (Same thing, I bet.)

@LexPendragon I can't picture a Batleth being an effective defense against a cavalry charge, but I guess if the two got their stupid hooked blades caught it could be a fun brawl once the Dothraki's off the horse.

@emsenn I think the Klingons are the physically superior to humans, so I'd suspect they'd win the fights. A horse would fall to a Batleth :Batleth: just as easily as a person.

@LexPendragon Oh that's a good point... I really like ENT Klingon's they're clearly like, a society, y'know?

@LexPendragon I'd put money on the Klingons. They've evolved the dual hearts, the extra plating on their spines ... The Dothraki would probably murder TOS style Klingons, but not the TNG+ ones.

@djsumdog I think it'd be a fight, but I think they'd ultimately respect and get along much more than they'd want to fight.

@LexPendragon Hmm .. potentially. They do have similar cultures. Maybe the Klingon would take the Dothraki into space and they'd conquer worlds together .. maybe the Dothraki are the evolutionary predecessors to the Klingons!!! I smell a cross-over episode!!

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