I have a client who is inviting me to site meetings that they don't need me for. The owner has already explicitly ask everyone not to invite me to things like this because I am billable so obviously will stand around uselessly and charge them for it whenever they want me to.

I am not wrong for pushing back against going to this, am I?

@LexPendragon No, you're not.

You'll be seen as an asshole by someone here, may as well have it be by the folk who aren't respecting their boss' wallet

@LexPendragon IMO, people should push back against every request to attend a meeting that either doesn't pertain directly to their work or pertains to matters that could be handled via email. Meetings are harmful, especially in small, closed conference rooms where CO2 can build up and cause oxygen deprivation in the participants.

@starbreaker Luckily, it's a site visit, but I am still clearly surplus to requirements.

The ability to say "I've been asked not to attend a meeting like this, can you email me the minutes after it's over?" is a rare and wonderful blessing

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