Admittedly, there is probably a lot of confirmation bias, but Mastodon seems to lean heavily socialist/communist. I agree with a lot of the "Workers unite against the bosses!!"

...except I quit my job to work for myself. So, am I the boss?

@LexPendragon Good question. I would say that you're still a worker selling your time and effort to survive.

However you've cut out a bunch of rent-seeking middlemen, reclaimed a measure of autonomy, and aren't necessarily making pennies on every dollar of value your work creates.

@starbreaker @LexPendragon If Uber taught me anything, it's that freelancing is a false freedom and actually reduces your agency as you have even less leverage than an employee. Paying for health insurance that wasn't negotiated by a company is prohibitively expensive, and saving money for dry spells is paramount, so you actually still end up making pennies on every dollar while being in an even more precarious position.

@hypolite @starbreaker That makes sense when you are working for a company like Uber or DoorDash. I work for me. The company name on my business card is my initials. Less expenses and taxes, I make my own dollars.

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