I noticed something about representation in comics that isn't new, but I don't think is pointed out as often. In Ironheart, Riri Williams grows up with a step-dad. I have three daughters, the eldest is not biologically my daughter. It's not like men are underrepresented anywhere, but it makes me smile when I see another step-dad who is being a good parent.

I have heard people discussing Spider-Man and how he lost his parents and was raised by his aunt was a comfort to them.

I think it's absurd that an adult white male would be glad to see himself represented in the Ironheart comics, but here we are. Great work, guys!

@LexPendragon There's very very few biological parents of superheroes still alive. It's not just Bruce, or Peter. Go thru the family trees and all of them are raised by aunts, uncles, widowed step-parents, secret fighting societies, or whatever.

@mdhughes Oh, I am well aware; a super-hero parent has the life span of a Disney cartoon's parent.

That said, I would be interested in someone doing a real statistical survey to compare superhero family dynamics to US census data. I imagine it's less different from reality than people like me (who were raised on the nuclear television family) would suspect.

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