Hello 🍆

I am a gay black trans man in law school. I don’t celebrate Christmas but my birthday is December 30th. If you would like to send a dollar or two to fund my iced coffee needs, my CashApp is $lucifugel.

Boosts are okay. Tell me your favorite Pokémon (and why).

@crucifix My favorite Pokémon is that purple smog monster. (Just looked up the name,) Koffing.

I'm just barely outside of the age range to have gotten into Pokémon, but on an episode I showed my kids he attacks a hospital and runs through it yelling what sounded like "COFFEE!!!"

Since then, there are mornings I start my rampaging through the house demanding COFFEE!

@LexPendragon I approve of this! Did you know it has a special form when it evolves in the new games?

@LexPendragon You wish! It’s Weezing but he wears a fancy top hat and looks like a factory smoke stack. Google Galarian Weezing.

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