> The New York Times: Both Candidates Are Widely Disliked (Again). This Time, Biden Could Benefit.
Wow, they aren't even trying anymore, are they? "These two suck, I guess you can vote or something if you want to feel justified or righteous or something when you end up hating what you get."


> POLITICO: Trump rally attendees must agree not to sue campaign over potential coronavirus exposure
"We know you're going to get sick, don't sue us, but come out anyways."
I hate when people lie and then can't stay in character. Don't tell me 2 + 2 = 5, then expect me to pony up another dollar for a $5 item when I give you two twos!

>CBS This Morning: At least 14 states see increase in coronavirus hospitalizations since Memorial Day
Luckily, we're all going to die, anyways. I think we deserve it.

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