If you drive by someone holding a protest sign that is something stupid (for example "Trump 2020") an accepted, easily communicated way to express disagreement is to flick them off as you pass.

What's the hand gesture to show you agree? I drove by a protestors, including a few cops and a nine year old boy with Black Lives Matter signs. What hand gesture do you do to say you agree and support them, but you're on your way somewhere right this moment?

@Absolutely_Blakely I'm always afraid that a honk or a fist pump will be mistaken for an angry, shaken old-man fist. Waving never seems supportive enough, just an acknowledgement they are present.

Throwing up a 🤘 might work!

@Binder This is where I normally go, as well, but it never feels emphatic enough.

You could always tear off your shirt and spin it above your head while yelling emphatically :D

@Binder Good idea, but the light usually changes before I can get my shirt off.

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