Max Headroom: TV Movie and first episode (which are almost the same thing), the next episode, and a bunch of web articles.

How has this not been reboot/renewed/revisited?

Max Headroom was a thing 30 years ago. Now, we get a modern CyberPunk future, like something from Ready Player One, and Max Headroom "wakes up" when some crypto-virus tries to spread into his old, offline box. Max, of course, takes over the virus, and there's your new show premise.

This time, Max is entirely CGI, because we can do that. We also get some good coders to make some real-world phone apps to take a person's picture and "Max" it, so you can get a Max Headroom version of anyone. `Lex Headroom, for example.

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Obviously, the entire thing keeps the 80s Neon CyberPunk aesthetic, too. I am sure we could get La Roux to do the soundtrack.

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20 Minutes Into The Future ...

I'd watch your reboot. Hell, I'd go to Hollywood and pitch your reboot, and work as a grip [or on the CGI Server Farm, whichever].

@daelf Hollywood can have my idea as long as they do it well and I get access to anything they do with it. Creative Commons style.

@LexPendragon I've lived in Hollywood... they would implode in a fit of confusion if you handed their lawyers a Copyleft license.

It is *Literally* the Anti-thesis of Hollywood.

THAT I'd also gladly watch.

@LexPendragon The funny thing is, Max Headroom pretty much predicted today: It's All Ads™

Though the Web wasn't yet "a thing" but TV very much was, advertisers are quite willing to saturate content consumers through whatever The New Medium is. It was apropos then (and big TV are still a bunch of assholes), and remains so.

When I did my tour of duty at WiReD, Max Headroom was very much at the forefront of my mind.

@daelf Yeah, I am coming to it waaaaay late (obviously) and I am amazed how not out-of-date it is.

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