I saw a headline that suggested the New York Times publishing the tax return might sink Trump. I think it's hilarious to naive that after four years of this crap something would "sink" him, but I do appreciate the poetic irony that would be in the fourth estate he railed so often against being something to actually hurt him.

uspol, the tax thing 

@LexPendragon If anything could come out that would change a Trump voter's mind *today*, why didn't the previous 5,000 "they've got him this time"s do it?

(I've already seen someone play it as "he can figure out how to pay basically no taxes? that's a man who should be in charge of the economy right there." Sigh.)

uspol, the tax thing 

@Alexis Yeah. Anytime anyone publishes anything about him that's damning, I immediately picture the scene where Wayne Knight is calling out Dodgson.

"Tax returns! We got his tax returns!"


@LexPendragon I honestly can't be upset at Trump. I'm upset at congress for not acting.

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