So, I spent last week not getting up and working out as a rest week. I was thinking I was going to stop, because the FitnessBlender fitness test showed me that I haven't actually made much progress. Just going by "Plank hold time", I did one minute way back when I started. But for about the last six months, I have topped out around two minutes, and not shown much improvement.

So, because I am very mean to myself, I got up today and started a new workout series today. It was the right thing, I feel much better for having done it, results or not.
My next issue is going to be that I am sure I am going to have an ass like JLo because all the workouts I seem to be doing end up being titled "Build a Booty Workout."

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@LexPendragon dont be too hard on yourself. it's not all about the results. it's about the process

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