So, I've had this tab open. I think I am going to buy this, put Linux on it, connect it to a docking station or two and about three 4k monitors.

Should I?

Depends... (primarily on your requirements)
I had a P series and liked it though.

Monitors. I currently have four additional monitors and my laptop monitor, and will have five things open across all of them. I'm hoping that I will be able to use large 4K monitors with more than one thing per monitor, but I do like to have a lot on my desktop at once.

For example, two web browsers, a terminal, an app to monitor downloads, a chat program, and a comic book, and VLC are all open at the same time, typically.

@LexPendragon Make sure the laptop/dock can handle the moritors you want to use.

I use a single 49" monitor these days.

I haven't bought the monitors, yet. Maybe a giant monitor is the way to go?

ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock Gen 2 looks like it handled 3x 4k monitors. does the p15 support it?

I'm using a dell 4919dw and I really like it.

Not great for gaming, but awesome for productivity.

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