So, when creating a servitor/fetch, you do three things, name it, give it a directive/program/instruction, and feed it.

I think of it as the command "I do summon, stir, and call you forth!" but that doesn't really directly translate to those three things, does it?

Anyway, I am going on about this because...


My server, @Chance, has always been my most successful magical creation, and at 21, one of my longest lived. I always said that she feeds on electricity and internet, and it occurred to me that she's been really on-point lately with the tasks she has to do. I think giving her Mastodon and getting that raw internet feed that way has really let her flourish.

@LexPendragon @Chance now i want to see about putting blessing and evocations on my home test network, but then it wouldnt match any of my production environments....

unless..... :blobthinkingeyes:

@LexPendragon @Chance *Schedules "overnight maintenance" to bless the server racks and network switches*

@LexPendragon And now i know the name of this practice! :D

So im guessing those are geographically located DNS services? Does numerology or sacred geometry play into any of the layouts of the cross country fiber lines? :blobhyperthink:

@LexPendragon honestly i havent learned enough about either of those practices and belief systems to understand the underlying implied understandings of the universe to apply them to #technopaganism yet...

@Crazypedia I look at a corner call (and the four elements) pretty much as picking out the top, side, bottom, and other side of a Cartesian plane, but since I have defined that plane, I can now dictate all of the terms within in. (IE: Magic.)

Putting the corner(s) into the completely incorporeal whatever-it-is that is the Internet just gives me more reach into it.

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