In case anyone was wondering, the -t flag isn't part of the Linux shutdown command. I could have sworn I used it in the past, but now, the time that you would put into that command is just ignored.

In related news, @Chance is going down for a reboot fifteen minutes ago.

Hah oh shi.... I just realized I've typed shutdown -t now for decades. It used to get so mad if I didn't. I honestly don't know whether I still do it.

@LexPendragon @Chance
-h? Was it -h? Not the doubting myself I needed tonight... Augh what have you done.

@feonixrift The command I should have used would have been:
shutdown -r 00:15

(I just tested that:
Reboot scheduled for Tue 2022-01-04 00:15:00 EST, use 'shutdown -c' to cancel.

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