Heya @snipe ! I saw people talking about how awesome you were, and your profile gave credence to that.

Also, your hair from your picture is awesome, and makes feel feel incredibly inadequate and self conscious for having my natural brown hair in a corporately acceptable style.

@LexPendragon Well hello there! If it makes you feel any better, I got my hawk for charity, ages ago at Defcon. And since I run my own shop, I get to keep it :D

@snipe It looks great!

I also run my own, and I think my clients like me enough that I could get away with something, but I don't think I could actually pull off a look any more radical than a shaved head.

In a related note, I need to schedule that new tattoo...

@LexPendragon I'm very fortunate to never ever have to meet my customers :D (Except occasionally running into them on the street or at a tech conference.)

@LexPendragon And for a SaaS company, most people don't bother to check the Company > About page.

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