I bout a patch off Amazon that was supposed to be 4x3. It's 3x2 when I received it. When you include shipping it is definitely overpriced. I am annoyed, so I was going to return it, but it's overpriced, not bad, and by the time I put any effort at all in to return it, it's not worth it.

All of this makes me even more annoyed, so I want to return it just to not allow the company I bought it from to get away with it.

I don't want to bother because I am really just putting effort in out of spite.

I do want to return it because allowing them to continue means I am being that good person who does nothing that allows evil to flourish.

But in the end, I am just bitching and moaning, and it's not like anything I would try would have a significant impact. So fuck it, I'll keep my half-sized patch and just deal with it.

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