Today just feels like a day where I am explaining my self to people who either should know better. I need to remember that naivete (not knowing something) isn't a crime, or even a bad thing. Even if it's easily solved. Ignorance (not knowing something even when already told otherwise, intentional naivete) is. I am not dealing with that today, just with random people who don't know this was dealt with somewhere else.

@LexPendragon it's tough for some to recognize this and taking the time and patience to acknowledge it makes the world a little better I think :comfyheart:

@Crazypedia I have to stop to acknowledge it, or my opinion of humanity and my own superiority will spiral to Doctor Doom levels.

@Crazypedia Though you are also correct, pausing to realize that naivete isn't malice makes things better for everyone. More people need to do that.

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