What If - Miles Morales needs to butt up against the Spider-Gwen - Gwenverse and to give us an Avengorales vs. Gwen-avengers story.


I was wondering the comic book do you need buy them or just find online? probably need buy because of the copyright.

@System32 I am not sure what you are asking with this question.

If you're asking where to get them, you can always start at your Local Comic Shop or here:


All good.
All good.
I never buy comic book before, i think i asked a naive question 😁
Sorry for confused you.

@System32 Well, I am obviously a fan of them! If you want to check out a service, Marvel Unlimited is their flagship product with a good chuck of what they have published, and I think there are curated lists to figure out where to get started, too:

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