You've got to be kidding me! I cracked an egg to get the yolk for the pie crust, and it was the second double yolk today!

This is the Ghost Spider haircut my daughter wants. She's a brunette, so I want to find examples. What is this look called

(Ghost Spider, better known as Spider-Gwen, but I am trying to get used to the new name.)

:DrunkPete: Preview is late because I was busy this morning. It's shorter and less kewl because I am late.

A double yolk is a statistical anomaly. The Germanic people thought it was an omen of death. The last time I saw one was before my grandmother passed away, the next time was just before my grandfather passed.

I'm dressed to go to a funeral today, so a double yolk isn't too unexpected.

... For the two eggs I was making, this was a bit much.

Google Hangouts's wallpaper is this Easter Island head who is sick of your boring conversations.


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