....that means I hit go on the coffee first. I stopped in at my laptop while it brews, and my wife's dog decided to follow me to my office for a nap in a different place.

:HorizonLabs: I know Ryan North mostly from Squirrel Girl and his work over in Archie stuff. I never thought of his as deep. Great, but not really deep. This Galactus page he did in Marvel Comics #1000 has changed my mind.

:RespectTheDigits: Okay, that issue was awesome. Fun throughout, and Mark Waid really captures the small, real people aspect of his books really well.

Doctor Strange #18 is delightful by page 8. I suspect it will be a horror before it's over.

:FriendshipIsDope: IDW's Star Trek - Year Five is awesome. It's a Star Trek series I would love to regularly read.

First day of school!

They're holding up the grade they are in, but it looks like Majel is just saying "peace!" and Inara is waving hello.

In case anyone was doubting my daughter's sexual orientation, her fifth grade back to school shopping consists of plaid and flannel button downs. 😁

Gif: Completed!
Here's the preview gif! Oddly, it took an entire glass of bourbon to make, so I need another drink, except you can see how much I've already had. Mayhap I should pause....

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