I was looking for more patches for m other pants, and I found this one. I feel like I am obligated to buy it.

In the list of stupid things that amuse me:

I added the Hackers.Town patch to my Thai pants, and have been walking around all day smiling, saying "hackerpants!", and chuckling.

I'm told these cradles are a hot commodity to those who need them, and I shouldn't trash them and list them on eBay instead.

Instead, they're free to anyone who needs them.

(Stack of five Dell hard drive cradles, label for SAS 1.2TB10k)


This Bell Systems sign was visible from the road.

(This seemed like something the 2600 crowd would enjoy, so I posted it.)

King Ghidorah is great, no disrespect, but...

I think the lack of arms and hands hurt him more than you'd expect.

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