So, I was playing Animal Crossing with my kids and decided it needed more ritual sacrifice.

Slow, dragging start to the day, and the workout looked hard, but even though I really I felt it in my muscles, it wasn't bad at all. The Egg/ham/cheese muffin I made was very tasty, and it looks like I cleared my work queue pretty effectively yesterday.

Seems like today is going okay!

"Look upon my breakfast, ye mighty, and despair!!"

If something makes me laugh enough to want to share it, but I don't have anyone to share it with, I repost it here.

This was not that funny, but I haven't been able to stop laughing for the last few minutes:

I didn't have the issue for , but Vig came through and got it for me. He's the subject for my Preview Gif!

They say humans are great at finding patterns, even when none exist, but I think I see emerging AI in a lot of small places. For example, I played a 126 point word, and Albot responds by giving me tiles saying "Yikes!!"

Every Friday at work: *silence*

Today, when my phone breaks and I need to go take it in and then go out to other meetings*:

I haven't posted this for a while, but Harry Potter: Wizards Unite made a massive, fun update, so I'm reposting:

Friend Code is: 8225 8252 1816.

So, since I am not going out and seeing people (ya know, Pandemic and all), I made a new Fetch to draw in some new clients.

Its name is Clients++. Say hello and wish it well, please.

Everyone in is infatuated with Hamilton, so today's gif reflects that.

(By everyone, I mean me.)

Years late, I am finally reading Crisis of Infinite Earths. I like that Earth-2 Superman, old Superman, is drawn like George Reeves, and Earth-1, current Superman (for the time) was Christopher Reeve.

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