Lately, there are these bit characters in the Marvel stories I have really been appreciating. (Ms. Marvel) Kamala Khan's brother, Aamir, wins me over here for just being a great brother. (Last week it was Ironheart's Step-Dad.)

Preview Gif!!

I wanted to try this mix. I think the one I made with Torani and lemon juice was better, so far, but it wasn't like I measured this out. Maybe next time.

All the forums that I found with my problem didn't have away for me to reply with the fix I found, so I am just posting it here.

If you have a G Suite account and an Android Wear watch, and it won't connect for some apps (like Pay or Fit), you need to turn off Mobile Management in your admin console.

I have heard people discussing Spider-Man and how he lost his parents and was raised by his aunt was a comfort to them.

I think it's absurd that an adult white male would be glad to see himself represented in the Ironheart comics, but here we are. Great work, guys!

I noticed something about representation in comics that isn't new, but I don't think is pointed out as often. In Ironheart, Riri Williams grows up with a step-dad. I have three daughters, the eldest is not biologically my daughter. It's not like men are underrepresented anywhere, but it makes me smile when I see another step-dad who is being a good parent.

I added a new Fetch to my staff of minions. Or more accurately, I gave an existing one an assistant. This is Shtool, who helps Minish.

I got a cat back in 1999. He passed away about a half a decade ago. Today was his birthday. (It's still a repeating event in my calendar.) I miss that boy.

Are we going to just admin that Jughead's Time Police was a slow burn to get to Into the Jug-Verse?

Is it just me, or has Kitty Pride become a bit of a lush lately?

Not saying I'm opposed, just surprised.

Preview Gif is really early because I had the idea yesterday. For the record, I didn't drink this beer yesterday, I got a Coffee Barrel Cream Ale in a bottle.

Woah! I was really digging Captain Marvel #11, and then on top of that I was shocked by the last page reveal. I am onboard for more Capt, the new Star book, and whatever else they throw at me.

Did I tell you guys? My daughter turned 11 today. She wanted a Hogwarts letter, so when she woke up she received one. (It was a rejection letter.)

Preview Gif!!

We aren't reading anything particularly Halloweeny, but my wife decorated, so I used it.

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