I know it's all just crazy comic stuff, put this single image made me want to dive into and see more of this one character. :HorizonLabs:

I thought I was going to be the creepy old guy at the all-ages concert tonight, but I brought my too young daughter so our ages would average out.

Apparently Nerdcore has aged with me, and a family, too. Inara wasn't the youngest, nor was she alone.

I am waiting for Inara's to finish soccer practice, reading comics in my car. My tablet for perfectly in my steering wheel cover. Lucky me!

My day is going to be talked about for a lifetime.

Backstory: First, Majel (6) was upset I wasn't her Mystery Reader at school a couple weeks ago. So obviously, without her knowing, I asked the teacher and today is going to be that day.

So, today, I show up as a surprise and read Dan Slott's last issue on Amazing Spider-Man (which may be my second favorite comic ever), #801.

Once we done, I get both my kids, get in the car to take them home...

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