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The best thing about whiskey stones is not having to drink your double Old-fashioned too quickly.

Preview gif!

Haven't made one for a bit, but I had this issue in physical format, but I prefer digital so...

So, my Rock Gnome in D&D likes to drink, got himself turned pink (with blue polka dots) and now he's the Party Rock Gnome.

So, with Party Rock on the brain, I got (and drank) some new Wigle Whiskey.

Here's this week's Preview Gif!

Spent the day at Kennywood with the daughters, so I didn't really make a GIf, but i made a gif. Here's Mastodon's preview!

True Story, which I turned into a bonus gif.

I was next door, thought I'd walk over and grab some beer for tonight's , saw a sign in the window of the Wine Shop about award winning bourbon, turned, and went in. After a free sample, I walked out with a bottle of bourbon instead.

Preview Gif!!
We are reading The Other story over the next five weeks, so I took pictures today and my next five GIFs. This also means I drank a whole drink and made another over the course of the crafting, so I am very proud of them regardless of how great they are. (Like your children!)

Preview GIF!

Remember last week when I said I was out of bourbon? I didn't make it to the store this week.

Preview gif!
Lot of effort, since I realized after the fact that the windows was reflecting me the whole time, so that was edited, and my fingers were holding the bitter bottle, so that was all edited out.

The worst part is that was the last of my bourbon, (Yes, @thegibson, BOURBON!) and I drank over half of it while making the gif.

So, I have the Microsoft Comfort Keyboard (pictured.) It's great, no problems, no coplaints, but I am a tech guy so I am still thinking of upgrading it. I like the curvy ergonomic shape. When I look for new keyboards from M$, however, they all seem to do that split thing they love so much, and that doesn't work for me (with my weird left hand dominant typing style.)

Anyone know of any high quality, curvy-but-not-split options?

(Mouse combo and Bluetooth is a plus.)

So, all the talk of adapters and monitors and so forth, little drilling, some stuff still laying around aaaaaaand:

Battle station.

So, I was playing Animal Crossing with my kids and decided it needed more ritual sacrifice.

Slow, dragging start to the day, and the workout looked hard, but even though I really I felt it in my muscles, it wasn't bad at all. The Egg/ham/cheese muffin I made was very tasty, and it looks like I cleared my work queue pretty effectively yesterday.

Seems like today is going okay!

"Look upon my breakfast, ye mighty, and despair!!"

If something makes me laugh enough to want to share it, but I don't have anyone to share it with, I repost it here.

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