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I got started early for my Gif because I had a good idea to try to convey the fact that in Quarantine, I have no blasted clue when I am anymore.

I love how epic Conan is. Giant monster appears and devours someone in front of him? No big deal for the barbarian.

:HorizonLabs: Miles Morales - Spider-Man #16

Miles is a great son. Seriously, how many kids volunteer to watch little kids to let you go out and get a meal? This, this is what makes him a super hero.

There were a lot of news articles recently that DC might sell the comic publishing to Marvel. I thought it was an absurd concept, and would never happen.

This is a panel from Amazing Spider-Man - The Daily Bugle #2, so... did the artist know about something back when this was drawn?

Private part joke 

John Constantine - Hellblazer #4

I have been loving this comic. Constantine might be my favorite of all the DC properties.

I am absolutely loving and cheering along with Guardians of the Galaxy #2. Al's writing is spot on and fun, and the art effects Juann pulls of are a great way to translate things to comics you are used to from other visual media. Great stuff!

Wizards Unite Community Day....

I think I'm good for most of it. I could use the extra Doxies, but it's not worth heading out to fight for the Serpent Eggs, and I'm full up on everything else. I even have twenty Trace Tonics already.

(This is me justifying sleeping in and not being ready to rush or to play and having things to do at one. It's a game, it shouldn't feel like work.)

Majel, not to be out done, made me one with Spider-Man decorations.

(Guess I'm having a second cookie.)

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Preview Gif!

I made an old fashioned because my wife bought me a T-Shirt about old fashioned. It worked this time!! I am mappy. Happy.

I am also already done with the old fashioned and I barely ate today. 🥃

I was just chatting with a friend about how Arron, Monica, Tabitha, and Elsa all still swear in skull-and-crossbones ever since Nextwave. Here's this week's Elsa in Deadpool as proof.

(Gotta share: Nextwave theme song: )

Preview Gif!!

I tried to make an old fashioned, but clearly I suck at it. I'll switch to Bourbon and Soda for my next drink, but in the meantime, I bought a new Spider-Man action figure purely so I could move his arms and post him for these gifs.

The Star Trek Year Five Valentines Day Special was awesome. The characters were fun, it was interesting, and I could read a whole series about the Drake and her captain. I laughed out loud and woke my wife up at least once.

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