I didn't have the issue for , but Vig came through and got it for me. He's the subject for my Preview Gif!

Everyone in is infatuated with Hamilton, so today's gif reflects that.

(By everyone, I mean me.)

Preview Image

I didn't make a drink, I might make a separate one for that, but I got my new toys so I made this.

I got started early for my Gif because I had a good idea to try to convey the fact that in Quarantine, I have no blasted clue when I am anymore.

Preview Gif!

I made an old fashioned because my wife bought me a T-Shirt about old fashioned. It worked this time!! I am mappy. Happy.

I am also already done with the old fashioned and I barely ate today. 🥃

Yes! I have conquered the digital signatures of Microsoft Outlook for my client! Now, I think I will celebrate by bathing, then maybe eating, or maybe going out to play Harry Potter and then coming home and playing Zelda while my wife helps my covenmate (Hi @FernDragonstar !) with her taxes.

Later: Bourbon! (and )

Preview Gif!!

I tried to make an old fashioned, but clearly I suck at it. I'll switch to Bourbon and Soda for my next drink, but in the meantime, I bought a new Spider-Man action figure purely so I could move his arms and post him for these gifs.

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