I'm watching Godzilla: King of Monsters before . I am not expecting intelligence, and the movie is delivering. Still, I am having fun because it's giant monsters!

Let's see... Three more episodes of She-Ra, then I do the dishes, maybe get a snack, then go mow the lawn. Come in, shower, then go out to play Harry Potter a bit...

I think that's it. Oh! I should take out something for dinner before I mow the lawn. Come home from Pottering, cook/eat, then chill with the wife, have a beer, watch Godzilla, ...

Gif: Completed!
Here's the preview gif! Oddly, it took an entire glass of bourbon to make, so I need another drink, except you can see how much I've already had. Mayhap I should pause....

Upgrade finished, by the way. I am not sure I like the new look. but the new FavIcon has to go. I'll fix that when I am not doing .

You saw that coffee in the gif earlier, right? That was actually a lot of espresso, so now I am wide awake. I decided to grab a beer, and it occurred to me I may not have shown off just how functional my cup is. (Live look) :SpiderSense:

Preview Gif!! :ThwipUp:

It's frozen banana, espresso, coffee liqueur, chocolate syrup, and ice cream.

<Wife> These are getting ridiculously long.
<Me> *I'll give you something ridiculously long.*

So, that major surprise server outage I worked on yesterday was resolved quickly and easily today. w00t!

I shouldn't have started so early, I could start early in celebration. As it stands, I'll go out and get some fancy coffee drink to celebrate.

Who's with me!?

:DrunkPete: Preview GIF!

This is the special edition bourbon I bought yesterday: City of Champions Bourbon. I didn't realize it was Steeler's booze until I was posting it yesterday. I completely missed the football field logo.

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