Everyone in is infatuated with Hamilton, so today's gif reflects that.

(By everyone, I mean me.)

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I didn't make a drink, I might make a separate one for that, but I got my new toys so I made this.

I got started early for my Gif because I had a good idea to try to convey the fact that in Quarantine, I have no blasted clue when I am anymore.

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I made an old fashioned because my wife bought me a T-Shirt about old fashioned. It worked this time!! I am mappy. Happy.

I am also already done with the old fashioned and I barely ate today. 🥃

Yes! I have conquered the digital signatures of Microsoft Outlook for my client! Now, I think I will celebrate by bathing, then maybe eating, or maybe going out to play Harry Potter and then coming home and playing Zelda while my wife helps my covenmate (Hi @FernDragonstar !) with her taxes.

Later: Bourbon! (and )

Preview Gif!!

I tried to make an old fashioned, but clearly I suck at it. I'll switch to Bourbon and Soda for my next drink, but in the meantime, I bought a new Spider-Man action figure purely so I could move his arms and post him for these gifs.

is doing Sins Past. If you aren't familiar, (I haven't read it) Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) apparent seduced and had a kid with Gwen Stacy. I'm told we need the whiskey to appreciate it. (By "appreciate", I mean "get through".)

Preview Gif! It's 's Sixth's Anniversary. and @FabianNicieza@Twitter.com himself, author of the issue that started it all, shouted out to us!

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