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is doing Sins Past. If you aren't familiar, (I haven't read it) Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) apparent seduced and had a kid with Gwen Stacy. I'm told we need the whiskey to appreciate it. (By "appreciate", I mean "get through".)

Preview Gif! It's 's Sixth's Anniversary. and himself, author of the issue that started it all, shouted out to us!

Preview Gif!!

I wanted to try this mix. I think the one I made with Torani and lemon juice was better, so far, but it wasn't like I measured this out. Maybe next time.

Finished my work!

Next up, shaving!

Then, I am going to see if I can go get a haircut, then buy a cocktail shaker, then come home and make my kids a burger, then take them out to Trick or Treat, then bring them home for dinner and let them eat candy while I start shaking cocktails to before !

I think I will get myself a fancy espresso or something while I am out.

Preview Gif is really early because I had the idea yesterday. For the record, I didn't drink this beer yesterday, I got a Coffee Barrel Cream Ale in a bottle.

Preview Gif!!

We aren't reading anything particularly Halloweeny, but my wife decorated, so I used it.

I'm watching Godzilla: King of Monsters before . I am not expecting intelligence, and the movie is delivering. Still, I am having fun because it's giant monsters!

Let's see... Three more episodes of She-Ra, then I do the dishes, maybe get a snack, then go mow the lawn. Come in, shower, then go out to play Harry Potter a bit...

I think that's it. Oh! I should take out something for dinner before I mow the lawn. Come home from Pottering, cook/eat, then chill with the wife, have a beer, watch Godzilla, ...

Gif: Completed!
Here's the preview gif! Oddly, it took an entire glass of bourbon to make, so I need another drink, except you can see how much I've already had. Mayhap I should pause....

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