Jessica Drew and Jessica Jones are very similar. Editorially, it's because Jessica Jones was orginaly written to be Jessica Drew, but they didn't want to take Jessica Drew so far from "family friendly" into the Alias MAX comic, so Jessica Jones was created. Now, they are different, but very similar, and I think they should have at least one guy out there who dated both, since obviously they would both be the guy's "type". Like rebounding with someone easily mistaken for your ex.

:HorizonLabs: I know Ryan North mostly from Squirrel Girl and his work over in Archie stuff. I never thought of his as deep. Great, but not really deep. This Galactus page he did in Marvel Comics #1000 has changed my mind.

:RespectTheDigits: Okay, that issue was awesome. Fun throughout, and Mark Waid really captures the small, real people aspect of his books really well.

Doctor Strange #18 is delightful by page 8. I suspect it will be a horror before it's over.

:FriendshipIsDope: IDW's Star Trek - Year Five is awesome. It's a Star Trek series I would love to regularly read.

It's a testament to Adam Kubert's art that Captain America (Issue #12) has a costume that looks and hangs on Cap exactly how you would expect Jack Kirby's classic costume to look and hang on a real world person. Especially the trunks. Very 1940s.

In a world without Reed Richards, specifically the MCU, Tony Stark is much more.... more Reed Richards. (616Stark would never be the one to crack Time Travel.)

Ergo, Reed Richards's existence makes Tony Stark dumber.

I put Endgame on while my wife ran out for a moment, not really planning to watch it now, but fifteen minutes in and it has me wrapped around its fingers. It's able to play with my emotions as if I were a puppet.

The Fantastic Four can easily be sorted into Hogwarts houses:

:Ravenclaw: Reed Richards
:Slytherin: Sue Storm Richards
:Gryffindor: Johnny Storm
:Hufflepuff: Ben Grim

Elsewhere I said that it was pretty enough that it didn't need a story. I was wrong, this is hilarious and great. Nice work Marc Guggenheim!

David Wilkins's art in Wolverine Vs. Blade is unbelievable. It's like a cover in every panel.

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