So, I see BlackCat's back to her old costume. I'm disappointed and thrilled.
Disappointed because her new costume was a bit less degrading.
Thrilled because... well... cleavage.

:HorizonLabs: Age of X-Man - Prisoner X is different enough from the 616 that it's delightfully creepy.

Also, angry ferocious prisoner Beast is my current favorite.

:HorizonLabs: Savage Sword of Conan has more epic lines per issue than any other book so far.
(I used this book to show Inara that Conan invented Epic.)

I know I am late, but I just opened Blossoms 666, and the art is great! Nice work, Laura Braga!

Speaking of comics, exactly what comic do you have open right now? (Or, what was the last comic you read?)

There you are, @RCStewart, :HorizonLabs: are trickling into the future here! I am going to have to start bringing my comics commentary over to Mastodon instead of just posting it to the birdsite.

doesn't have any presence on Mastodon at all, does it? LabRats, where are you?


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