The look of disdain that Bats gives for being given a dog dish is amazing.

Strange #6

Hail Eris! Is Si Spurrier a Discordian, but this sounds like something a Discordian would write.

Legion of X #5

I kinda love that Mech Strike - Monster Hunters (#3)'s version of Captain America looks like Optimus Prime.

Okay, Deviant who's name I don't know, this is a horrible battle strategy. Let someone else lead.

A.X.E. - Judgement Day #3

I love how popular the New Fantastic Four are, it's always a subtle placement that will get them to stand next to each other.

X-Men '92 - House of XCII #4

Anyone else surprised there hasn't been a Spider-Watcher telling us all these details?

Edge of Spider-Verse 2

I was not prepared to see Reed and Sue in bed together. That page was like walking in on your parents.

New Fantastic Four #3

This panel makes me want to see a long-game plot where Legion moves on from being the screw-up kid of CharlieX to the guy who takes over the leadership role from his not-100%-trustworthy, old school father. Like a millennial replacing a boomer.

Legion of X #4

I know we have an actor for Eddie Brock already, but he's looking very Matt Damon here, and I think Matt would made a pretty good Eddie for how Al Ewing writes him.

Venom #9

"You're in the most dangerous real estate in the world... The small patch of carpet between my husband and his daughter."

As a father with three daughters, I know this feeling.

The Variants #2

"Take that, Witch!"

See, I think of witches, and see a guy rubbing a phallic shape, and... well... I don't think that was what they were going for in this comic.

Strange #4

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