In Captain America #0, on the cover in the back, there's this code:

What's that mean?

Years late, I am finally reading Crisis of Infinite Earths. I like that Earth-2 Superman, old Superman, is drawn like George Reeves, and Earth-1, current Superman (for the time) was Christopher Reeve.

I like the concept of an Avengers team made up of the B-side versions.
US Agent, War Machine, Valkyrie, Doc Sampson, Scarlet Spider, Blue Marvel, Dr. Druid, and Atlas.

It's like having all the "also rans."

Reading the Avengers - Subterranean Wars reprint (because I like Mole Man's kingdom stories and because we are still in want of new comics), and I like this Black Widow costume. We don't see this one very often.

Future Foundation Doom and God Emperor Doom have the same costume, don't they?

That means that when Doom attained ultimate power and set the universe up how he wanted it, what he wanted was to be a member of a family like he was when he was in the FF.

Aww.... poor, lonely despot!
(I love this character!)

I think Marvel needs a special miniseries where a young, just picked up Mjolnir Thor gets attacked by Kang, gets thrown into a time loop, and has to live a few thousand years in London, 1599, and has to live the year over and over building a theater (with a hammer) on Maiden Lane. It affects him so deeply he never shakes the accent.

Hey! CBR posted an article on one of my favorite minor characters from Doctor Who, Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer!

He was a ruthless murdering savage, but unlike The Punisher, nobody tried to paint him as a hero. Or even respectable.

I love how epic Conan is. Giant monster appears and devours someone in front of him? No big deal for the barbarian.

:HorizonLabs: Miles Morales - Spider-Man #16

Miles is a great son. Seriously, how many kids volunteer to watch little kids to let you go out and get a meal? This, this is what makes him a super hero.

There were a lot of news articles recently that DC might sell the comic publishing to Marvel. I thought it was an absurd concept, and would never happen.

This is a panel from Amazing Spider-Man - The Daily Bugle #2, so... did the artist know about something back when this was drawn?

Private part joke 

John Constantine - Hellblazer #4

I have been loving this comic. Constantine might be my favorite of all the DC properties.

I want to see a comic where all of the non-Doctors (as in Doctor Who) have a multi-Doctor story. We get Richard E. Grant (Shakla), Peter Cushing (Dr. Who), and John Hurt (War Doctor) work together to stop Michael Jayston (The Valeyard) and Toby Jones (Dream Lord). Depending how this current story works out, throw Jo Martin in and have a quick visit with Rowan Atkinson and/or Joanna Lumley, too.

I am absolutely loving and cheering along with Guardians of the Galaxy #2. Al's writing is spot on and fun, and the art effects Juann pulls of are a great way to translate things to comics you are used to from other visual media. Great stuff!

I was just chatting with a friend about how Arron, Monica, Tabitha, and Elsa all still swear in skull-and-crossbones ever since Nextwave. Here's this week's Elsa in Deadpool as proof.

(Gotta share: Nextwave theme song: )

The Star Trek Year Five Valentines Day Special was awesome. The characters were fun, it was interesting, and I could read a whole series about the Drake and her captain. I laughed out loud and woke my wife up at least once.

Hellmouth #5 ends with what I can only assume is an alternate reality. This is an awesome looking alternate reality I am more interested in than I am this comic reboot. This one, at least, I know isn't supposed to be stuff I know. The current one was different, but close enough to be in an Uncanny Valley sort of place.

Conan the Barbarian 12
"How many times can a man expect to cheat death in one lifetime?"

All but the last time.

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