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I can't unsee it, but the Invisible Woman silhouette in the logo has really bad gas.


Fantastic Four 2099 #1 takes a left turn into horror at the end. It left me shook. Excellent work!

Anyone else feel like Hickman's new :XMenLogo: X-Men (#2 specifically) has a very East of West feel?

I just read the last issue of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.


I'm not choked up. You're choked up.

Lately, there are these bit characters in the Marvel stories I have really been appreciating. (Ms. Marvel) Kamala Khan's brother, Aamir, wins me over here for just being a great brother. (Last week it was Ironheart's Step-Dad.)

I have heard people discussing Spider-Man and how he lost his parents and was raised by his aunt was a comfort to them.

I think it's absurd that an adult white male would be glad to see himself represented in the Ironheart comics, but here we are. Great work, guys!

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I noticed something about representation in comics that isn't new, but I don't think is pointed out as often. In Ironheart, Riri Williams grows up with a step-dad. I have three daughters, the eldest is not biologically my daughter. It's not like men are underrepresented anywhere, but it makes me smile when I see another step-dad who is being a good parent.

Are we going to just admin that Jughead's Time Police was a slow burn to get to Into the Jug-Verse?

Is it just me, or has Kitty Pride become a bit of a lush lately?

Not saying I'm opposed, just surprised.

Woah! I was really digging Captain Marvel #11, and then on top of that I was shocked by the last page reveal. I am onboard for more Capt, the new Star book, and whatever else they throw at me.

I've never seen The Shining, so I a, watching it for the first time now.

Jack Nicholson would make a great Mephisto :Mephisto: in the MCU.

Jessica Drew and Jessica Jones are very similar. Editorially, it's because Jessica Jones was orginaly written to be Jessica Drew, but they didn't want to take Jessica Drew so far from "family friendly" into the Alias MAX comic, so Jessica Jones was created. Now, they are different, but very similar, and I think they should have at least one guy out there who dated both, since obviously they would both be the guy's "type". Like rebounding with someone easily mistaken for your ex.

:HorizonLabs: I know Ryan North mostly from Squirrel Girl and his work over in Archie stuff. I never thought of his as deep. Great, but not really deep. This Galactus page he did in Marvel Comics #1000 has changed my mind.

:RespectTheDigits: Okay, that issue was awesome. Fun throughout, and Mark Waid really captures the small, real people aspect of his books really well.

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Doctor Strange #18 is delightful by page 8. I suspect it will be a horror before it's over.

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