That wasn't a wedding, to be fair. That was just some party. (And she was really hot.)

Willow Rosenberg has a Golden Apple. :GoldenApple:

Also, they call a circle of "Kayless". :Batleth:

Oh, gods. This episode of Buffy, "I, Robot... You, Jane" is really...

This is what the norms/muggles thought us geeks were, isn't it?

...and that's not past tense, is it?

So, I'd rather go to bed, but my daughter and my wife's 18 year old cousin are on the way home from a thing, and I gotta have a talk with them. Looks like I have a 45 minute wait.

I guess it's another episode of Buffy.

@deliciously@witches.live Tell us your best badass slutty magical spell?

@deliciously@witches.live I mean, don't get me wrong, I love it here, and I am doing my best to raise my daughters to think about other people as 'People" not various bits of anatomy.

I'm straight, not narrow!

@deliciously@witches.live I'm not sure I can get away with it. I'm a cishet male. I'm in a monogamous marriage and I have three kids. It's a wonder I am allowed on Mastodon at all!

@deliciously@witches.live I hate that. In my experience, a few bourbons seem to negate that.

Look everyone, it's my first toot! Show more

Look everyone, it's my first toot! Show more

Look everyone, it's my first toot! Show more

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