@drwho @clacke I would expect that the reason they are "Chemo Wigs" and not just "Wigs" are because insurance will pay for a Chemo Wig but not your Halloween cosplay.

@drwho I would want some kinda of verification after reading a story like this on the internet, but this is depressingly believable.

It's probably not great that my reaction to "Wow, I feel really, really drunk." is the immediate follow up of "...I should go refill my drink."

Apparently my night is whiskey, loud music in my headphones, and comics.

I'm good with this.

I kinda want to jump into the of The Wicker Man because I love that movie and I want to watch Mastodon watch the spanky dance scene, but I have to get to bed.

@jacethechicken You're not wrong. I was going to comment with my favorite song, but after looking at the track list, I couldn't pick only one, so.... yeah. Good call.

...this is me procrastinating so I don't have to go do my morning workout.

We know you're hiring, shut up about it. Everybody's hiring. If you're hiring, it's because you sucked at valuing your employees.

@drwho It usually isn't this late, that switch has been sliding later in the year, and seem to stick a bit. (You can tell because we're still probably a month or two our from a snowfall.)

...with her own phone number.

(Her gift was being added to our family plan.)

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Tired: Ship of Theseus
Wired: Codebase of Theseus
Inspired: Git Repo of Theseus

We are hurtling around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour.

Which is much slower than the 483,000 miles per hour that the sun is dragging us around the galaxy.

(So, no, I am not lazily sitting in my chair, we are zooming!)

I've been blocking ads for so long....

...are they really that bad now? They dropped one or two in my podcasts and I haven't bothered to skip thirty seconds. Beer is really trying to imply the UFC fans are somehow UFC quality fighters, and... still drink beer?

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