@fribbledom @djsundog I feel like I am somehow the perpetrator and victim of that pun somehow. 🤣

Unfortunately, my 5/5 level workout that was on the schedule went perfectly fine, and might have even helped.

That means I can't use the 'but I feel like crap' to justify not working out in the mornings.

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@fribbledom Dimmer Switches/Three Way Switches.

Smart bulb type stuff should replace that (already did in my house.)

I feel like crap today, probably from the sun poisoning from watching my daughter's lacrosse game... games, actually. Stupid broken atmosphere. I remember when a human could sit outside for an hour without being poisoned. Anyone know a good way to heal from too-much-sun?

At least my schedule is clear.

I want to choose up a fortune teller app that gives you your daily prognostication in the form of an emoji.

Today's would have been the low battery symbol.

@mdhughes @annika The college radio stations are usually interesting, though I bet I could find them online with a quick search, probably even more than just my local ones.

That was one thing I did love about local radio: "Local." They could make joke songs about being stuck on the parkway because somebody was changing a tire, which is hilarious here in Pittsburgh, but would be wasted outside of the city.

@thegibson @feld @annika I miss being able to use them as universal remotes. I find it almost inconceivable that I have a device that I can use to set up a network, flesh out an entire office, my daughter can use to get a mortgage and buy a condo, but I can't turn off the TV in my room to go to sleep.

@feld @thegibson @annika I am the sort who leaves mine sitting on a charger whenever I come to rest somewhere (car, home, set down at a client's site.) so I never seem to see battery issues, but I agree. I don't need to play Fortnite at 6k, but I'd love to know that the server room I was in was inching north of 80℉ and was too humid or turn the volume down on the TV at the bar.

@thegibson @annika It should be a weather station, and should have small radios. All of those tiny, well developed chips should be less than 1% of the total price of the over expensive systems I know I've been carrying around.

@annika Once upon a time, I bought a phone just for that feature. After using that phone a bit, I realized local radio wasn't worth it, the ads sucked, and I only even listen to my MP3s. I don't even think the presets in my car are set.

That said, I think a mobile computer like that should have an FM tuner, AM, Shortwave, temperature, barometer, GPS, IR light, and every possible small device that allows you to do all sorts of great things.

new element: Ahshittium (Ah) - The Element Of Surprise

True Story, which I turned into a bonus gif.

I was next door, thought I'd walk over and grab some beer for tonight's , saw a sign in the window of the Wine Shop about award winning bourbon, turned, and went in. After a free sample, I walked out with a bottle of bourbon instead.

@groovestomp @djsundog Our land was way behind in common sense and masks, so it's probably better for the world if our petri dish of a country gets inoculated quickly.

(Sorry, I am jealous of all of you up in Canadia, I want to take this one win.)

@djsundog ☕ Cheers to that!

My wife is sleeping off her second shot right now, my first is four days from today.

Hope your day is great, too!

In this new version, Lucas and Warren own the store now.

Because I find the idea of the two people who had robbed the store being the ones to own it later to be hilarious.

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