@NOCARRIER Seriously, you can see him tying the bib around his neck, with an All-You-Can eat sign behind him and a Maître D' looking on in horror.

@NOCARRIER That would work for "The Fantastic Four go out for a fancy dinner" story.

It was good to hear @HackerRadioShow back on the air!

(Even if I just listen to podcasts of it.)

Any chance you guys could post your outro-song name each week? I find myself wanting to get it surprisingly often, but I am also listening to the show on the device I would be using to find out what I am listening to.

I hate when winter hits, you're the first one up in the morning, and the hot water wasn't warm enough to the point that when you step out of your shower the mirror hasn't even fogged over.

Good morning, Mastodon!

I need a new friend in Harry Potter. Be my Wizards Unite friends, please.

8225 8252 1816

I know, but I have that comic panel on hand for just such an occasion, it seemed a shame not to use it.

Lately, there are these bit characters in the Marvel stories I have really been appreciating. (Ms. Marvel) Kamala Khan's brother, Aamir, wins me over here for just being a great brother. (Last week it was Ironheart's Step-Dad.)

No static IPs. No reserved IPs.
Down here, every IP floats…

Stephen King's
I. T.

Preview Gif!!

I wanted to try this mix. I think the one I made with Torani and lemon juice was better, so far, but it wasn't like I measured this out. Maybe next time.

Right now, on my desk, there's a laptop rebooting for a client (taking over an hour so far), a monitor with my Keybase chatroom, a monitor my Zendesk with my notes for the work I am doing, my phone with Wizards Unite, a monitor with my web browser and the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man :SpiderJumping: , a monitor playing Lost Boys, my (now empty) coffee pot and Spider-Man mug, and a Windows laptop remoted into a server (for work).

This is me living my best life, isn't it?

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