got bit by a cryptid and now i curse like a sailor at the full moon, it must have been a 


Chance Person (Ambrose in Sabrina) would be a good Doctor. (As in The Doctor. :tardis: )

I feel like someone important needs to point out:

You can get together and chat weekly with your friends about your favorite subject without having to record it and release it as a podcast. Just talk to them.

So, I was playing Animal Crossing with my kids and decided it needed more ritual sacrifice.

My old Spidey coffee mug died. I have been using various other mugs throughout the house, but the biggest issue I have is that the pot of coffee held three Spider-cups, maybe 2.75ish, but it felt like a full three cups.

Now, with all the other mugs, it's three or four and a tiny quarter cup, which just doesn't fit right. It is low-key infuriating.

Today would have been a casual day in front of my PC, getting all of my system check ups done, but I have a client (virtual) meeting this afternoon and a house appraisal this morning, so I am in a shirt and tie for the day. It's hard to be comfortable, casual, and productive when you're in a shirt and tie.

I spend too much time reading my Mastodon timeline and going "wait, is that real? Like, is that a thing?"

What do you do at Midnight on a Saturday? I apparently explain the concept of Dyson Spheres to my eight year old daughter, then describe how Freeman Dyson was brilliant, but a bit loopy-do.

@erosdiscordia @ox When one of my partners finished transitioning, I shook his hand, handed him a pair of boxer shorts, and said "You da man."

re: Battlestations 

@kingannoy @thegibson @gedvondur

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like having a single, un-cleaved keyboard makes me the weird one? There were a surprising number of split keyboards in this thread.

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