Golden Ale my technologically-enhanced butt, that's an IPA. I hate IPAs. Thanks for making me waste a 6-pack purchase Kona Brewing. 🖕


@thegibson I hope this all works out as well as it can.

Tab completion:

alexius@Chance:/etc/BackupScript> sudo zypper install r
Display all 1337 possibilities? (y or n)

1337? Nice.

Satanist cop stickers!

… I tried attaching the images but Tusker says they're invalid. I'm AFK will figure out why later.

@mdhughes Yeah, I went looking for that comic that had someone remaking "Badger Badger Badger" as "Hastur Hastur Hastur" and couldn't find it. 😞

"The Algorithm" has decided to keep showing me articles about AI having done this or AI having drawn pictures or whatever.

I keep reading it as Al, as in Alfred. Specifically, the Weird one. So, I keep thinking Weird Al has drawn images of everyone from the Harry Potter series and The Algorithm felt I needed to know.

Oh my! That's what they call the Magic Smoke.

So much for that drive.

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