Thought from another thread. (I think we call it a "sub-toot".)

I'm a white, middle aged, decently groomed, cis-male. It is very difficult for me to get onto a no-fly list. I'm the sort of privileged person who has been spending, pulled over, not had my licence on me, and then let go with a warning that my tail light was out and that I should have it looked at.

Lewd, Procter & Gamble WTF? Show more

It's a Wizards Unite Community Day. For three hours there is all sorts of bonuses. I want to take advantage, but where do I go to do that? It's hot as the devil's anus out, but I don't want to just idle through the local cemetery for three hours.

I guess we'll have to go to the mall.

@thegibson @seven I am glad to see more people getting UniFi stuff. I started using it because it was cheap and seemed to work great, but I was afraid I was missing something. Seeing other people who know what they are doing decide to use it also makes me feel more confident in my choice.

Okay, I am up. Guess I should get out of bed and actually go do things.

I love hot BitTorrent works and grows. That's how the internet was designed to be!!

(I just discovered Resilio Sync, which used to be BitTorrent Sync.)

Couldn't play, whenever I clock a thing it tells me it lost the internet. 😞

@Galdrakinn So you get a Two Hour vacation while you wait for it to get back to your stop!

Lawn mowed, and the Potter event started. I think I will shower then go play Harry Potter.

Just made a ramen, now I am going to go mow the lawn, then there's allegedly a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event I am going to go play.

@Jmaurer @DialMforMara @aldersprig She was very noisy, but I didn't dislike her. I wouldn't mind it being added to new games.

Elsewhere I said that it was pretty enough that it didn't need a story. I was wrong, this is hilarious and great. Nice work Marc Guggenheim!

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