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It was a great video overall but this is what really made my night. Thank you for being amazing @NerdSync I loved every minute of your video, it was worth the wait! ❤️

@crucifix My favorite Pokémon is that purple smog monster. (Just looked up the name,) Koffing.

I'm just barely outside of the age range to have gotten into Pokémon, but on an episode I showed my kids he attacks a hospital and runs through it yelling what sounded like "COFFEE!!!"

Since then, there are mornings I start my rampaging through the house demanding COFFEE!

My daughter coming down the stairs in her pajamas with a neck pillow:

"Rule number one, always be cozy.


@fidgety Actually, don't. It looks like there is someplace to go after you disconnect...

(Ghost Rider 2099 - I love this comic.)

Con: Catching up on work on a Saturday.
Pro: ...while wearing cozy pants and having a beer.

139 Windows updates. How long do you think that will take?

(I am debating going to bed and picking this up in the morning.)

@remotenemesis Seriously!! These writers... they just don't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.

I hate it in SciFi and similar where they have a space empire and throw around terms that are so impossibly large it's laughable. This empire, which is so large but doesn't include the earth or anything else we care about, just lost their "nearest galactic cluster." It took us decades to get our first hunk of metal out of the solar system and they expect drop "galactic cluster", one of apparently many, like it's NBD.

*Sips Eggnog with Makers Mark in it*

Alright, let's upgrade this server!

After decades of Spider-Man, does anyone else occasionally look up at the ceiling just to make sure it's empty?

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