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Up early for another crack at the client with all the issues from Tuesday, but today will definitely be better, as I am taking my ten year old to the Mt Nerdcore concert tonight!

So because people still need rides, I decided to help ferry people who need it today by signing into my driver apps, but canceling the ride requests and giving free rides to every passenger. A couple of them gave me cash to cover the gas and that was nice

My contact walks in a bit over an hour after I get here.

'I'm having trouble getting on the WiFi, and we decided we want to leave the WiFi names and passwords the same, because some people who visit us have them saved...'

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And the notification to everyone at this client that I was changing the WiFi network was not sent out by my contact, so everyone things I broke the WiFi without telling them.

I have it all fixed, but I really want my coffee!!

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Unit tests: 2
Integration tests: 0

So, I learned that the UPSes at the new client I was at yesterday apparently don't U very well, and the servers rebooted overnight, undoing most of what I did.

I got up, remoted in, and reset it after waiting for the maintenance that should have happened overnight to run. I also opened a new ticket for new UPSes, and a reminder to scan the harddrives because we are seeing errors and corruption.

...instead of eating breakfast. AND I forgot my coffee when I left the house.

Finally, I've hit the point of the day I can take my tie 👔 off!

I should get home in time to put the kids in bed, set up for the rest of the work I need to do tonight, and, I think, get my third cup of coffee and maybe some lunch.

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Oi .. today was a day.

I had breakfast (3 eggs), left home 12 hours ago, went to my new client's, found out they were under estimating their infrastructure by about half, fight some unmaintained servers who fall out of OS support in less than a year, left, scheduled a return trip Thursday and immediately went to Majel's first softball game. Got Inara to bring her here to her dance class.

"Tailgating me when I'm doing 55 in a 35 is absurd. And those flashing lights on your car look ridiculous!"

I'm always amazed how you can drive an hour away from home for some reason, and everything looks interesting and different.

Back when the ISP I'm on was a small company they used to have the best tech support department available:

It was a Russian guy who'd always sound like you're interrupting him in the middle of something important. :blobglare:

He'd greet you with "Support", answer your question or problem with a short, impatient reply that was exactly what you needed, and when you said it worked he'd say "Good." and hang up in your face. ☎️

Now days they've got a "real" support department.. and I miss him. :blobcattilt:

Good morning folks! My eldest daughter turns 21 today, and I'd wish her a happy birthday, but she isn't on Mastodon.

Still, happy birthday, Raven!

Well, nertz.

Started building a new Linux system, got it all started and was going along well, and after it failed to reboot I realized there's no boot directory on the HD I set up.

Final watched Lego Movie Part 2. Due to time constraints we had to turn it off as soon as it said The End. Such a bummer.

I have to wondered, how freaking rich is Will Farrell's family that they can afford *THAT* many Legos!?!

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