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We're watching Enterprise, and I decided Klingon sounds like Dothraki. I suspect I'd enjoy seeing some Dothraki vs, Klingon battles/parties. (Same thing, I bet.)

I just started getting notifications for things from two days ago, If I seem really atemporal, it was a technological imbalance.

So, Mastodon is screwy when it comes to shutting down and starting back up. I am pretty sure that I've been all but defederated all weekend, or everyone has been ignoring me.

I want a monitor I can plug my laptop into that then works like a docking station, getting USB, monitor, and network all through that one monitor. Preferably allowing for yet another two monitors to also be plugged in. I'm picturing a monitor with my DisplayLink docking station built in. I saw MacBooks do something similar with their USB-C monitors.

Any suggestions?

The kids are home from school for the summer.

...guess I'm done working for the day.

Everything is now wonderful
I'm on Linux.

I just... I can't work with Windows or Apple. It's impossible for me to. I tried. I tried a long time.

Everytime this song starts playing, I mistake it for a parody of this song, or a parody of this kind of music, or just something not serious.

War of the Realms Strikeforce was awesome. It's got lots of starts, but it's really a Spider-Man story. :SpiderJumping:

Hey, I have my ticket load entirely handled to the point that I pulled the WiiU into my office since I think I might play it. This seems like a great time to change my ticketing system to keep tickets bouncing back to open when my clients ignore them and then manually address EVERY ticket I have!

I believe the way that any government that wants high technology, but isn't capable of producing it themselves, should put their anti-spy budgets into Free Open Source Software projects, and should put political pressure on China/US/whomever in order to make them open everything. That way the public gets more software and the Government knows it's secure. The only people who don't win are the ones using manufacturing as an attack vector.

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Listening to @HackerRadioShow , it sounds like they feel Huawei might as well be the Chinese government. We also learned that China is perfectly capable of putting a chip onto motherboards to spy on the data that travels across it.

I am not blaming China, this is what governments do. I am sure the U.S. government would happily do it if they could figure out how.

I really want to go see Godzilla. Maybe I will sneak away some morning with the kids, they might enjoy it.

When you wake up to the sound of helicopters circling outside, it makes you wonder...

`Lex: Ugh, I'm so busy! I want to go read comics and run around Hyrule, not work!
BusinessMe: Busy is good, it means billable hours, more soccer shoes for the kids, more work means you were right to go into business for yourself.
`Lex: Yeah, and I guess I look good in a tie.

...but comics.

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