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Damn. Giles is a badass librarian.

Cover to Buffy the Vampire Slayer #6. (The reboot series.)

It seems that @HackerRadioShow did it again:

If you are anywhere near those, go there and ask them why they are associating with this. Be sympathetic, because sometimes all that someone needs to stop doing bad things it someone kindhearted to remind them they can do better.

Damn. My day started out by showing me something I thought I did well actually wasn't done correctly, and I have to eat some crow to a client.

Legion S03E02 

Legion S03E02 

It was 105 minutes into my site visit when I realized I had a full 20oz mug of coffee still.

Sort of like "Yes, I took a fifteen minute break to level up. I also spent 12 hours installing the new router and reconfiguring their network!"

So, I left the house this morning about ten hours ago to start working. I haven't stopped except for a five minute Harry Potter detour and about five minutes to change clothes.

My wife has commented that I work very hard. I think I just work this hard to justify the five minutes of not-working time I spend doing things like Harry Potter.

I dunno, do I have to listen to the first 64999 pennsylvanias first

Anyone else look at their alarm clock and think "Sic semper Tyrannis!"?

The end wasn't bad. On the scale of DC movies, it's third.

On the MCU scale, it's.... Did you watch Inhumans? It's on par with that.

So far, not bad. I think it's helped by the fact that my standards for a DC movie are very, very low.

Everything is funnier when you finished the bourbon bottle before binner.

(Dinner, but the alteration was strong and I didn't want to stand in its way.)

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