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I live with three other Wizards Unite players, and somehow I still can't get anyone to go out and play with me. 🙁

Gif: Completed!
Here's the preview gif! Oddly, it took an entire glass of bourbon to make, so I need another drink, except you can see how much I've already had. Mayhap I should pause....

I just got a text message from Sprint that makes no sense and alludes to payments on a lease for a device I own.

I hate Sprint. I'd try to switch, but I don't know any options that aren't worse. Can't we nationalize the data connection methods the way we did the roads? Wireless service, nationwide fiber, and roads, all paid for by the taxes.

...and I just got to the last page reveal of who The Dryad is.

AAAWWWWW!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!
(No spoilers from me.)

It's a testament to Adam Kubert's art that Captain America (Issue #12) has a costume that looks and hangs on Cap exactly how you would expect Jack Kirby's classic costume to look and hang on a real world person. Especially the trunks. Very 1940s.

pls remember that there is a tiny pixel kitten who likes you and believes in you when you are having a hard time :blobcatheart:

Oh, in case I didn't say so obviously: @Chance :Chance: is up.

You can see me, right?

@Chance And now it seems like there's really only one it's just referenced from two directories, but somehow wasn't renewed for nearly three months until today?

I think this may be one of those "quietly walk away and deal with it next time." issues.

@Chance Uuuughm weird stuff. I think I have two certs. Both are valid now, but... why!?

By the way, :Chance: @Chance is about to be rebooted, which means Mastodon is about to be down for a bit.

See you in the aftermath!

animal death 

*Yawn and stretch*

Morning is awfully late today. I slept in two and three-quarters hours longer than I did earlier this week.

Heya! What's new on your Friday?

After hours work to do, like uninstalling old software to install new and upgrading firewalls.

*Cranks the headphones and rocks out*

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