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Standing like a tree beside the river of truth saying “no, you love...”

Anyone remember Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters for the Game Cube?

I want a new version of that. That was fun.

I'm watching Godzilla: King of Monsters before . I am not expecting intelligence, and the movie is delivering. Still, I am having fun because it's giant monsters!

Wind storm blew in! Nice and **Thunderclap!!**

...well, now it's just a regular storm. :)

The Mormons are right 

Let's see... Three more episodes of She-Ra, then I do the dishes, maybe get a snack, then go mow the lawn. Come in, shower, then go out to play Harry Potter a bit...

I think that's it. Oh! I should take out something for dinner before I mow the lawn. Come home from Pottering, cook/eat, then chill with the wife, have a beer, watch Godzilla, ...

In case anyone was doubting my daughter's sexual orientation, her fifth grade back to school shopping consists of plaid and flannel button downs. 😁

It's surprisingly difficult to shop for a smartwatch by traits.

I want an Android Wear watch that can have a removable band, preferably one that can be swapped with those metal bands my wife found for her Fitbit.

That shouldn't be a difficult search, should it?

Thanks, Scanner Radio, for telling me that a lot of people are listening to the radio in Philly, making me check and realize it's another mass shooting.

Just once I want to find out everyone is listening to the police scanners because Björk parachuted into the center of town or it's raining gumdrops or traffic is being re-routed around a herd of migrating sloths or something delightful.

Wouldn't it be weird if Trump made history as the first president to commit suicide?

It's surprising I am as healthy as I am. I forget to do things like "eat". So today, I didn't have breakfast because I couldn't be bothered on my way out the door. I did get coffee, but I am drinking it on an empty stomach and wondering why my stomach is upset.

Up early for a call I don't really think I need to be on, but they're paying for it, so...

Uuuugh. I want to sleep longer.....

(With out the walking up to throw up part, preferable.)

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