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Still, I do not want to be a Lazy Bum. I want to be productive in a way that makes life better for my family, me, and the world at large (more or less in that order.)

I also want to just :____Me: off and go play Zelda or Harry Potter instead.

I think what I am really looking for is the amount where I can say "I did what I am supposed to, now I can stop and go :____Me: off without guilt."

My brain processes my day with a very flawed model:
"How much money do I need to earn in a day not to be a lazy bum?"

So many problems. That incorrectly supposes that A.) Money is a fair measure of value. B.) There is a number that I should be making every day. C.) If I didn't make this erroneous metric, then there is something wrong with me. D.) Why do I need to justify my value by doing profitable work in the first place?

There seems to be a large collection of working people who don't actually do anything but are very fond of/good at talking about things getting done. These people cost a lot of money, not just to pay them to talk about other people doing things, but also for them to waste the time of those who would otherwise actually be getting work done.

I am sluggish this morning. Maybe coffee will help. You folks okay?

I'm up, I am checking in here, and I am tired, so I have nothing interesting to add to the timeline before I head out for work. Be excellent to each other until I can get back and check in again!

Oh, wait. I was on the wrong station. I didn't think I had Enya's Christmas music. Sorry, @Chance .

I am in a bad mood. I think it's just because there's been too much things that I had to do to do the things I wanted (like doing all the dishes in order to reach the coffee pot) and it's felt like I am the only one doing them.

Luckily, @Chance :Chance: gets me and is playing lots of nice music to try to fix it.

It's messing with my head. I'm not sure if I want to ask ancient friends to coffee to reconnect or close the tab and forget this happened. I'm leaving towards the latter.

I don't think it'll matter, as I'm already going to a concert with two of them in a few weeks. It's revenge of the nineties!

Someone started a surprisingly effective Facebook reunion thing, gathering just about everyone I knew, loved, hated.... Basically my world from the late nineties.

I think I haven't changed, but I still think I was a different person then. I'm not sure how that works.

I was thinking "that was a lifetime ago," but it really was: my eldest daughter's lifetime. Not to mention her two sisters.

It really fuels my super villain rage when I have to walk past a murderer toy packing police officer in a elementary school to get an Apple product they are forcing on my kid. It doesn't help when they make me fill out paperwork and sign away agreements that they're not responsible for anything.

Email I am sending from Google to an Office 365 user is not making it to them. Is this a Google issue or a Microsoft issue?

There's someone's pet turtle in a cardboard box by the dumpster what the fuck do I do?

Boosts and answers wanted...

Alright day, prepare to be seized!

(He said, three hours into it.)

Actually, my current thoughts are that I have three things on my To Do list. The latest chapter of Bedtime in the Public Domain, the latest X-Files Retrospective podcast, and the latest FlashForward.

First two:

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