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Raven moves into her own place today!!!

It's not so much that I am losing a daughter, I'm gaining three empty rooms and an incredible sense of desolation.

So, Raven (my daughter) bought her condo and is painting it tonight to move her stuff in tomorrow. She's used to living here in the tech rich environment I have carefully cultivated. Also, her laptop died.

I put together a cable modem, WiFi router, 3 TB Linux media server, and a new i7 Win 10 laptop and set it all up there today. I am pretty sure that would be a few grand worth of tech and a few more for setup.

So... my daughter owns a condo. Now let's see if she really is a big enough girl to live on her own.

There were a few other people I was thinking of asking, but I know they work and/or don't drink.

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I asked the group of groomsmen. No interest.

I asked the guys from my martial arts class. They are legitmately busy.

I asked my local geeky guys club. The only interest was the teetotaler to say "no."

Wife? She doesn't drink.
Daughter? Her friends? Too... weird? Inappropriate? But a big no.

I'd feel unpopular, but this was quite a list. It's Harry Potter Community Day then, also, and the park has tons of great Harry Potter stuff to play there.

Maybe I'll just go drink by myself.

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So, the local amusement park is having a Brews in the Park event where you sign up, go taste lots of local beers while you wander around the amusement park. There's two hours of rides included before the beer starts to flow.

I want to go! It sounds like a very fun, "Bro" thing to do, and I haven't done something like that since my sister got married last year and the groomsmen got together as a bachelor party at another beer tasting. It was fun.

You know what's a testament to Weird Al? When you hear the opening of a song, don't recognize it but think it must be Weird Al's $ong, and it isn't, but it's one of the songs he was riffing on. This happens to me surprisingly often.

(The song in question was Tom Jones's Thunderball and Al's Spy Hard.)

Jessica Drew and Jessica Jones are very similar. Editorially, it's because Jessica Jones was orginaly written to be Jessica Drew, but they didn't want to take Jessica Drew so far from "family friendly" into the Alias MAX comic, so Jessica Jones was created. Now, they are different, but very similar, and I think they should have at least one guy out there who dated both, since obviously they would both be the guy's "type". Like rebounding with someone easily mistaken for your ex.

I got a few things to do today, and I seem to have managed to actually find a way to start it all. I suspect that is due to coffee and @Chance queueing up The Transformers: The Movie (1986) soundtrack.

I can win if I dare.


The thirteenth!

Under a Full Moon!

.....I got no plans. You?

You know what would be smart? Not forgetting to eat.

I am stupid and hungry.

....that means I hit go on the coffee first. I stopped in at my laptop while it brews, and my wife's dog decided to follow me to my office for a nap in a different place.

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Early morning for me. I have four sites to hit, so I get to be a road warrior today, again.

There's a sign here:
Imagine if trees gave off Wifi signals, we would be planting so many trees and we'd probably save the planet, too.

Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe.

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