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Woah! I was really digging Captain Marvel #11, and then on top of that I was shocked by the last page reveal. I am onboard for more Capt, the new Star book, and whatever else they throw at me.

Did I tell you guys? My daughter turned 11 today. She wanted a Hogwarts letter, so when she woke up she received one. (It was a rejection letter.)

I went and watched a disappointing movie, and the last command, the one that actually restarts the server, didn't get entered. Oops. We're back, now. Can you see me?

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:Chance: @Chance got a new face, so I think it's time to upgrade Mastodon on :QuarteredCircle:.

Be back in a bit!

Preview Gif!!

We aren't reading anything particularly Halloweeny, but my wife decorated, so I used it.

I neglected to point out, this rewrite and performance was entirely Inara's own doing.

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Listening to last night's @HackerRadioShow, and I really want to voice my support and appreciation. Doing the show with integrity is an example of what you are supposed to do.

"“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good ... to do nothing.”

This is good doing something. Keep it up!

I got a double yolked egg today, which typically is a bad omen, but so far, things seem okay.

**nervously watches for the sky to fall*

Inara knocks on Majel's door:
🎼 🎵 Will you help me hide a body,
You know we can't delay,
No one can see him on the floor,
Get him out the door,
Before he can decaaaaaaaaaaay!! 🎶

My wife just refers to my daughter's slippers as "Foot muffins".

I've never seen The Shining, so I a, watching it for the first time now.

Jack Nicholson would make a great Mephisto :Mephisto: in the MCU.

Listening to It Is Pitch Dark made me realize MC Frontalot is a significantly better dancer than I am.

I think I am somewhere between Sean Spicer and a Muppet.

My day looks empty. I think I will setup as much of my office as I can (we got two new rugs yesterday) then hit an estate sale to get some cheap furniture, play some Potter, then come home and watch The Shining,

Admittedly, there is probably a lot of confirmation bias, but Mastodon seems to lean heavily socialist/communist. I agree with a lot of the "Workers unite against the bosses!!"

...except I quit my job to work for myself. So, am I the boss?

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