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After decades of Spider-Man, does anyone else occasionally look up at the ceiling just to make sure it's empty?

Last night I was very annoyed by a VPN issue for one of my clients, as it was the second time and I couldn't find any reason it would fail. I had to push it as a network issue and was troubleshooting the networks. Today, a second instance popped up. I found the Windows Settings and reached out to the guy from yesterday and fixed that. Both were thrilled.

It eases a lot of my stress over a problem when I think I have failed miserably but the client things I have worked a miracle.


Fantastic Four 2099 #1 takes a left turn into horror at the end. It left me shook. Excellent work!

Today, we give thanks that we live in a society with so much excess and so little scarcity we can gorge ourselves like classic Romans, and if we physically gain weight today it's considered a successful holiday.

🦃 Gobble goggle!

Yesterday I had a very weird vibe of being accomplished. Not that I actually accomplished anything, just that I felt like I had and I was done. Today, I don't seem to have anything I need to delve into seriously, but I feel like there's something looming that I haven't taken care of yet.



I feel good today, like some major worry just lifted off my shoulders or I just accomplished something significant, more significant than "Tuesday." Not sure what it was, but I think it might be a whiskey sour past Cozy Pants O'clock.

I was headed to bed, and on the way I checked on Majel. She is so much my daughter I could cry.

It is way less exciting than I thought.

/me watches a progress bar inch upwards...

I just read the last issue of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.


I'm not choked up. You're choked up.

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