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A very interesting bit of research which appears to show the various "grassroots" protests against lockdown being prompted, promoted, and controlled by a single hidden source.

I've showered, and changed out of my grungy, week-old house clothes. Brushed my teeth, put on deodorant, and I'm now wearing fresh, lounge around the house clothes.

Yeah, quarantine.

<continued personal whining>
And my kids and wife are both sleeping in. My alarm was set for an hour later than when there was school, I set it an extra hour later, and I am the only one who gets up. I figured I would do my workout on my own, only to find my workout isn't listed for today, it's a fitness test. Today's just a big bag of minor annoyances.

So, I just woke up from a double nightmare of having to go somewhere, park and pay for it while a crowd of unmasked people slowly formed lines around me and closed in on me. Then, I came home, and everyone in my family kept asking me for something while I was trying to work.

I feel like I was handed a mass produced Corona Nightmare Two Pack.

Wigle has a Old Fashioned Cocktail package, with three bottles of Old Fashioned together. I want to try it, but I don't think I want to commit to three bottles. Instead, I think I will order a small bottle of St. Nick, which I know I like, Rye (because they're sold out of bourbon), and try the small bottle of Hopped Whiskey.

Sound about right?

I just read Biden dropped out. Now it's Biden v Trump, and that is like watching the end of a Marvel movie.

I'm not getting choked up at episodes of Cosmos.... You're getting choked up at episodes of Cosmos.

Besides, Cassini was a good space probe who gave its life so we could learn. It deserves respect!

Mom, serving cake: I didn't really make it, it's Betty Crocker.
Majel (7): Was Betty Crocker?
Inara, dismissively (11): Someone she watches online.

Hey! CBR posted an article on one of my favorite minor characters from Doctor Who, Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer!

He was a ruthless murdering savage, but unlike The Punisher, nobody tried to paint him as a hero. Or even respectable.

Inara woke up, came downstairs less than 10 minutes in, and turned it off. Nobody rushed to my defense. 😟

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I saw that Wednesday is Rex Manning day, so I'm putting on Empire Records today. I may try to watch it everyday until Wednesday.

In related news, I may be getting divorced on Wednesday. 😆

Spotted on Reddit: So this is a shower for kids. Not only is it terrifying, but why did they decide to put the valve handle in that location?

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