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Organizing my thoughts here...
I'll finish my coffee, and then change into my not-quite-clean shorts and shirt, then go mow the lawn, maybe throw in a hat since I clearly need a shower. We are going to ignore the fact that the shorts, shirt, and hat are black and this is the hottest it has been all years (not to mention the day.) I'll come in, have some cottage cheese/banana bowl thing I eat a lot, then shower and get some clean shorts, and bake some burger buns for dinner.

Sound good?

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I didn't make a drink, I might make a separate one for that, but I got my new toys so I made this.

I like the concept of an Avengers team made up of the B-side versions.
US Agent, War Machine, Valkyrie, Doc Sampson, Scarlet Spider, Blue Marvel, Dr. Druid, and Atlas.

It's like having all the "also rans."

Reading the Avengers - Subterranean Wars reprint (because I like Mole Man's kingdom stories and because we are still in want of new comics), and I like this Black Widow costume. We don't see this one very often.

Future Foundation Doom and God Emperor Doom have the same costume, don't they?

That means that when Doom attained ultimate power and set the universe up how he wanted it, what he wanted was to be a member of a family like he was when he was in the FF.

Aww.... poor, lonely despot!
(I love this character!)

My wife is annoyed because I played this for my kids, and she's afraid they will believe this was an original song from Weird Al.

Given the alternative, I think that is a good thing.

FYI: My wife made dinner and it is so good!!!!

(That is all, just bragging.)

I'm tired, but the coffee is kicking in so it's making me chatty.

I think it just means your are vivacious and full of life, and possibly more than they can handle. You know, "Spunky". 😁

If someone said that and didn't mean it nicely, clearly that is a comment on them and their ability to handle anything more than it is on you.


I got started early for my Gif because I had a good idea to try to convey the fact that in Quarantine, I have no blasted clue when I am anymore.

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