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Christopher Eccleston didn't get enough credit for his Ninth Doctor.

I haven't posted this for a while, but Harry Potter: Wizards Unite made a massive, fun update, so I'm reposting:

Friend Code is: 8225 8252 1816.

Keybase let me know that Witches.Live's certificate expired.

You folks okay?

I guess I'll pick up Hamilton where I left off last night...

🎼 🎵 --sept, huit, neuf...

.sept, huit, neuf. 🎶 *OFF* 😖

Maybe I've got a podcast to listen to.

So, since I am not going out and seeing people (ya know, Pandemic and all), I made a new Fetch to draw in some new clients.

Its name is Clients++. Say hello and wish it well, please.

I'm taking a week off.

I can do that, right? I can just declare "I don't wanna" and not deal with anything that happens, right?

Everyone in is infatuated with Hamilton, so today's gif reflects that.

(By everyone, I mean me.)

Finished the second round of the eight week workout videos (Fitness Blender), with a four week course in between. Is it helping?

I don't know. I don't weigh myself because I don't really care about that number. I was hoping to see an improvement in my Silat classes, but I haven't had one since March. There was a fitness test as the last day of the program, but I don't have my results from the first day.

... Why am I doing this?

My daughter is eating a banana...


Like, not from the thin side, she's got a lot of little bites out of the sides so it looks like some cut it in half lengthwise.

My wife food processed some peppers, aerating them. I told her:

"You can tell that you're the daughter of a cop and a Mexican, you just pepper sprayed yourself!"

Last night @HackerRadioShow complained about how stores are trying to phase out re-usable bags to go back to plastic.

I bitched about this, too! My wife pointed out that at our grocery store, you can scan-as-you-go, then just leave the store with all your items in your cart, and then go to your trunk with your own bags and bag them up there. For some reason, that never occurred to me, so I lauded her as a genius and do that.

Now, I'll do it in a hacker tote bag.

I have joyously partaken of a hot dog, and shared the experience with Inara! :Hand_of_Eris:

Happy Friday!

Parenting Rule:
Don't expect us to care about your Halloween costume or plans until late September at the earliest.

Shouting into the void:
Damnit, kids! When I said you could have some of my stash of club soda, I didn't expect you to open a second bottle so they were both sitting around and going flat!

Kids, phooey.

Nothing says 'I'm fed up with this error!' like reformatting and reinstalling a different distribution.

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