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Lot of effort, since I realized after the fact that the windows was reflecting me the whole time, so that was edited, and my fingers were holding the bitter bottle, so that was all edited out.

The worst part is that was the last of my bourbon, (Yes, @thegibson, BOURBON!) and I drank over half of it while making the gif.

I'm also watching Superman and Lois.
(I love working for myself)
Clark comes in and sits down with his kids at a Smallville diner because Lois is working late, so that's their dinner. I am jealous. I want to be able to go to a diner for dinner.

Hurry up vaccine roll out!!!

That was a short outing, glad to be home again, with a mostly finished task list!!

So, I have the Microsoft Comfort Keyboard (pictured.) It's great, no problems, no coplaints, but I am a tech guy so I am still thinking of upgrading it. I like the curvy ergonomic shape. When I look for new keyboards from M$, however, they all seem to do that split thing they love so much, and that doesn't work for me (with my weird left hand dominant typing style.)

Anyone know of any high quality, curvy-but-not-split options?

(Mouse combo and Bluetooth is a plus.)

So, good morning, Tootters!

My workout was tough this morning. I am not sure why, but 30 pounds of two dumbbells held in the same hand is way heavier than a single 30 pound dumbbell held in one hand.

Out of my six monitors, I only bought two. (One off Amazon, one is the laptop screen.)

And this is before I go buy a fancy new system later this year!

(I just like the term Battle Station to describe a workspace. I don't do much battle here.)

So, all the talk of adapters and monitors and so forth, little drilling, some stuff still laying around aaaaaaand:

Battle station.

Thanks to James Gunn, the opening of Come and Get Your Love would make an awesome morning alarm tone.

New laptop isn't on deck until the end of the year, but I am expecting $3k of laptop, and another $1k of docking and monitors.

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I figure I get that, and a multi-monitor docking station that does three or four on their own, and plug my existing dock into that (or into the laptop,) and the other USB thing I got. That should get me up to a lot of working screens, right? It's better if I can do this without DisplayLink, because that doesn't work as well on Linux.

I might even be able to go back to OpenSUSE then!

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So, since I seem to like Lenovo, Lenovo has a ThinkPads that come with Linux. (Not that I need it to come with it, I'd reinstall anyways, but that assures me that all the Hardware is supported and tested.)

The most expensive of them is the ThinkPad P1, with two Thunderbolt ports and a name brand video card I can't be bothered to look up.

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So, onto why I started this thread:

Upgrades! The USB/HDMI Dongle advertises that it can handle six of them being added to a computer, and can handle 2k screens. The next thing I want to do is get a new laptop, run Linux on it, and add ALL THE MONITORS!!! Maybe even get some sweet 4k monitors.

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Plugged fifth one back in, and it is working normally, but I still get laggy when dragging between screens.

So, that's "Status Quo", with my typically pulling out Monitor 5 to work when I want to WORK, not scroll Mastodon and read a comic.

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Okay, latest version, with five monitors, is unreasonably laggy when trying to use the mouse.

(Mouse/Keyboard are wireless through a USB dongle that is plugged directly into the laptop.)

Taking out the fifth monitor (USB Graphics Card to HDMI) returns it to a regularly usable system.

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Now, a day later, I notice that DisplayLink is the biggest CPU hog.

First thing, try the latest version! What version do I have? No idea, and can't seem to find anything to give me a version, so I'll just re-install with the latest.


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