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I made enchiladas for Cinco De Mayo. They turned out pretty good.

Second 💉 : ✔️

I am going to take that 5G Bill Gates microchip I just got injected and install Linux on it before I have to get divorced, too.

"You don't get to tell me what it means to be a family!", I say as I eat an entire family-size bag of chips.

You don't get to call yourself a coffee snob unless you've enjoyed at least one cup of black coffee in your life.

between dionysus and athena, when it comes to origin stories i think athena comes out a head

Work has always had an unlimited time off policy. People weren't using it enough, so we've switched to a minimum time off policy:

- You're required to take at least 2 days off every quarter
- You're required to take at least 15 days off per year

I could not love this more.

I am getting sick of this:

Client: I want <foo>
Me: I'm sorry, <Foo> isn't an option.
Client: Okay, what about <Foo>?
Me: No, <Foo> isn't being offered.
--time passes--
Client: Did you get us <Foo>?

So, since I had an extra game pad controller, I futzed around and now can control my mouse, click, and scroll with the Playstation looking off-brand controller I bought.

Mostly useless, as it's not accurate enough to do things like play a game, but I can lean back in a chair and read comics or something.

6 minutes into Jurrasic Park's RiffTrack (now with more Weird Al!) and Inara comes in and asks "What's that?" I am starting it over so she can join me.

The Legend of Neil has some surprising actors, like it is Hasan Minhaj's first credit. It is cringe-worthy with the offensive language, but was still hilarious.

Meh's products may be Meh, but their customer service is decidedly w00t.

Today feels like a day that is best described by the subreddit name "AwfulEverything."

I keep seeing jokes about how if Sam (Falcon) gets to be Captain America, they should make Bucky be Black Panther. It's said as a sort of ironic joke, and it pisses me off because there is this implicit assumption that "American" means "White". Even more so, "White Guy."

I think Captain America should be constant different and changing, from one issue/episode to the next. Cap's a black guy from New Orleans today, tomorrow he's a Sihk with an A on his turban, next time it's a enby Philippian.

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