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Why the fuck was I seeing "Promoted" ads?

I had "Disable Cosmetic Filtering" on. Troubleshooting what turned out to be a hardware issue, and it was still on after everything else. Uuuh, that sorta thing was driving me nuts!

The issue I have work Firefox using up all my CPU whenever I open a Google based page (chat, voice, YouTube, etc,) was so frustrating yesterday I've been avoiding getting out of bed today because I know I'll have to deal with it.

I just found out that Grapenuts (neither grapes, not nuts) has no added sugar, making it one of the only things in the cereal isle like that.

I have a feeling I will be eating epic amounts of that over the course of the rest of my life.

Examining an old server during my discovery phase:
Wait, the latest release is version 3982828, but this server says it's on 469512, how is it so far ahea---

Wait, I am off a digit. Oh, my.

My laptop started doing that laggy thing again, which is so painfully frustrating because to fix it you have to slog through the unresponsive controls.

I found a thing that suggested that xserver-xorg-video-intel can be the cause, the details of it say it is discouraged, so I removed it and rebooted, and I seem to be okay.

...except that when I did the apt show xserver-xorg-video-intel command again, it was still there. 😕

Having won the bid for my latest client, I've been delving into the mess that I inherited. I then had to look up how to spell "Pyrrhic".

I've hit the level of old-man where I loosen my tie and undo my top button during my drive home.

When it was NASA, astronauts were kewl.

Now that they're corporate spokespeople, not so much.

Way to go, capitalism, you ruined space.

The gas station I just stopped at strikes me is the kind of place that thinks letting the local grocery store carry pink guns is a liberal viewpoint.


There's a Schaffer the Darklord song, "Revenge of the Clonefucker"...

It is porno levels of crude, but Schaffer's good at making music, so it's a decent song. Typically, you can enjoy the song and ignore the actual words, but there's a weird sci-fi, engaging story to the lyrics that captures my imagination. So now, whenever that song is on I end up vividly contemplating a pornographic story of a man felating himself, which I am not into at all.

This site uses WEP. And 2008 servers.

<Roy> "Yes, are you from the past?"

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