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The best thing about whiskey stones is not having to drink your double Old-fashioned too quickly.

Three hours to ? What better time to reformat my laptop and try a new Linus distribution?

What is the best emergency mesh networking ISOs I should have on hand?

(My daughter asked a good question about preparing for disasters, and I realized knowing I can get a mesh network set up wouldn't help if we are in an emergency and I can't get the ISOs, so I want to get one now.)

Have you ever seen cars and bumper stickers, and thought "I don't know who you are, but I want to..."

look, people, I don't know how much clearer we could have made it-- OnlyFans is for ONLY FANS

blowers not blowjobs

cooling not canoodling

we don't know how things got this out of hand but this was the wrong kind of ductwork

For my birthday in the past, when I was on social media before and had a reasonable following (I don't now) I always used it to get people to donate to charity as part of my celebration. For most folk, picking a charity is a moment to reflect on what you think about the world and what you think would improve it, then finding people who are improving it and helping them get work done. In a fast paced world that's always out to get you, that's a big deal.

But this year is a bit different.

I realize that I'm absolutely surrounded by the people that are doing the work. Getting it done. Reshaping the world into an objectively better place for people.

Every single person around me is remarkable in some profound way and I find it humbling.

This year, instead of asking people to contribute to charities or projects for social good, I get the decided honor of simply encouraging everyone that can to keep going. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep fighting. And I have the profound honor to help you and be some small part of your success.

As my mom would say, "I love you endlessly."

But ok. Enough of that. I'm going back to shitposting today.

Preview gif!

Haven't made one for a bit, but I had this issue in physical format, but I prefer digital so...

I am a Tech Lord fueled by 31337 and caffeine!

New laptop, a beefy ThinkPad T15g. I named him Volstagg because I couldn't get Ubuntu to install until I brought out a bottle of Bourbon to sit next to this ThickPad (not a typo).

I stayed up until three last night. Got up at six today. I have been busy with work, tweaks to the laptop, and thus forgot to eat breakfast and apparently lunch now, too.

Every time I end up smelling something horrible, like the gas leak I just drove by, I end up thinking "I guess I don't have COVID.."

Hey Google, add honey to the shopping list.
"Alright, I added honey."
Thank you, honey.
"You're welcome. You can call me Google Assistant."

The sanitation workers (Garbage collection specifically) are shouting at each other. In Spanish. You don't hear that around Pittsburgh very often, that was refreshing!

So, I've had this tab open. I think I am going to buy this, put Linux on it, connect it to a docking station or two and about three 4k monitors.

Should I?

You know how you follow a link and it takes you to a Slack page asking if you want to open the App or continue in the browser?

Anyone have a user script to auto-open it in the browser?

I am posting this as I am the sort of person who would read it and say "Oh? You can get rid of those?" and would use that info to do it, so I figured I would share.

(Specifics for me were uBlock Origin, and making sure cosmetic filtering towards the bottom on that first page was enabled, (meaning it was unchecked.))

(If anyone reads this, tries, and needs help, I always am happy to offer assistance if I can.)

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Why the fuck was I seeing "Promoted" ads?

I had "Disable Cosmetic Filtering" on. Troubleshooting what turned out to be a hardware issue, and it was still on after everything else. Uuuh, that sorta thing was driving me nuts!

The issue I have work Firefox using up all my CPU whenever I open a Google based page (chat, voice, YouTube, etc,) was so frustrating yesterday I've been avoiding getting out of bed today because I know I'll have to deal with it.

I just found out that Grapenuts (neither grapes, not nuts) has no added sugar, making it one of the only things in the cereal isle like that.

I have a feeling I will be eating epic amounts of that over the course of the rest of my life.

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