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I was thinking "Gods, give me strength!"

...and I realized they did.


You can't stop me! Full, busy work day, after staying up way-too-late to play D&D? I still got my workout in! :Trogdor:

New Rules:

According to the christians, their god breathed into Adam, and that was their god's magic giving him life.

Everyone who I see without a mask on is expelling their "magic", and I can steal it from them. I don't lose mine because I have a mask on.

("That doesn't make sense!"

Of course not, I'm Discordian. That's why it works.)

There's a line in this song about how the devil feels awful when sees you on your knees. The implication is that when you pray, the devil is upset at that. I always hear it as "The Devil doesn't want to see you making yourself subservient to anyone else. Stand and be proud, never bend the knee, to anyone!"

It makes me like "the devil" more.

You know why the Zeldas might be the best games ever?

The music. It's surprisingly epic, even in its original 8-bit form, but the more it matures the more powerful it becomes. Add in their extra themes, and that sets all the right moods.

*Stands over the sink full over cleaned dishes*

"Now, this i what a sexy husband looks like."

To my wife about her story:
"That's a comedy of errors... without the comedy."

My temporary setup until they come back to finish the office (Now in week 10!) had subtly expanded to four screens, and I didn't notice.

My workout today was a roller coaster of confidence.

While waiting for the video to get moving I bounced around, throwing Silat moves in the air.

The first few sets I wondered if I was using enough weight. I could feel it, but figured I could do more.

By the middle, I was thinking I was doing the right amount, and shouldn't push it anymore since the guy on the video said to go lighter for the next exercises.

At the end I was sore.

During the cool down I think something is torn in my arm.

PhoenixOS did not Auto-rotate out of the box on the Surface 3 Pro. (Nothing to hold against Phoenix, obviously.)

I wonder if it will take Win11...

Encrypt the file system because that's what you always do? Not smart when you want to start up without a keyboard.

Use your regular style password? Have fun typing out 20 characters without a keyboard!

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After a few hours of work, I have a Linux Surface. AutoRotate works... once per reboot, apparently. It also doesn't seem to do OnScreen keyboarding too well, and if I make MComix full screen to read an issue, the way to get out of full screen is to hit "f" again or Esc, which you can't do without the on screen keyboard.

Am I weird for liking Star Trek: Prodigy?

It's clearly aimed for my kids, but it's very much still Star Trek, and I love that.

I am grouchy today. I'd think I was hungry, but I had a huge dinner and I am most of the way through breakfast, so I am just going to have to conclude I'm an ugly horrible grouchy old man.

(I am alright with this.)

Liquor store clerk: I’m gonna need to see some age verification

Me: Remember how you could convert single-sided floppies into double-sided ones with a hole punch?

Liquor store clerk: enjoy your purchase

I'd gotten busy with work, so busy I told my wife I was actually entertaining the idea of hiring a PFY.

... How do you explain a PFY to a lay person?

(Playing D&D, I haven no where else to cheer.)

We killed the dragon!!

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