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I just let an extra car out into busy traffic because on the back of their side mirror they had 🖖.

Nothing says you're not feeling well like working up a sweat when running the hand held vacuum.

I am so fried today. Do I blame the Flue/Booster shots from yesterday, or staying out late so that I only got five hours of sleep?

Either way, today is a day of 'not going to do it.'

I got the mullet of shots. Flu in the front, booster in the back.

I installed Smart Bulbs because my kids won't turn off the lights.

So, my calendar tells me birthdays. Today is someone, so I went to send a text to say Happy Birthday.

The last two times I have talked to this person was to send a happy birthday text. If the relationship has boiled down to only me sending a birthday test, I think I should just stop sending the text and let it go, huh?

I hate how ISPs (such as the local cable companies) expect you to sign into their accounts before you can check on an outage. You know it's just because they're trying to hide their failures.

I am flipping through The Lesser Key of Solomon, now. I think I might mess around later and try to summon a demon.

"What display port does this computer use? VGA, DVI, or HDMI?"
"It's DisplayPort."
"I mean the port's name."
"The port is DisplayPort."
"Yes but what's the name."
"I'm asking you what is the display port?!"
"The port is DisplayPort!"
"That's the display port?"
"Well then go ahead and tell me."
"That's it."
"That's the display port?"
"What's its name??"
"The port is DisplayPort!"
“Oh fuck off.”

Lost in Space shows that dogged determination that allows one to overcome anything, and then overlays it with emotions. (At least S03E01)

With everyone posting , I am surprised that anytime I see more than two monitors it's with more than one computer at the station.

Do you folks actually use more than one computer at a time? I mean, I remote into some, or set up a laptop for work, but I am always using my laptop connected to extra screens, usually at least three more.

amazing how at this point in technology small fediverse instances based in somebody's home have a greater availability than a multi-billion dollar cloud network

Anyone else get shut down by their partners when they ask questions out of the blue like "Hey, honey. Do you think the universe is non-Euclidean where it gets large enough?"

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