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In American English, MACHISMO is pronounced __________.

In these examples, the first syllable of "mah" or "muh" are safely interchangeable. The two are so close as to be nearly indistinguishable.

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In American English, COITUS is properly pronounced ________.

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If we fed all the news headlines into an AI, could it tell us when it was likely for us to get the next mass shooting?

(In the US, obviously.)

I hear more ads because of Podcasts than anywhere else. My TV is all downloaded, my browser is uBlocked, so I don't get ads anywhere... except when McDonalds intrudes on my Star Talk.

I am not sure this is funny to.. well, the masses. It's cracking this nerd up, but I don't know if Normal Q, Greyface would get it.

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The guy I bought my whiskey from today has a comedy album. I came home and bought it, and I love it.

Just FYI, this is funny, but potentially only for Pittsburghers:

I've studied Silat for nearly 20 years. Got my red sash. I train others. I never really considered myself any sort of martial arts expert or anything, though.

I was just watching a video from 1985 with Cynthia Rothrock and Michelle Yeoh. It was low res, and a tiny corner of my screen, but I was surprised that I could tell the surprisingly young version of each of them by how they move more than looking at them.

I guess I picked up more than I realized.

Unrelated to my other woes, I kinda hate the fact that they introduced skin color to Emoji.

I am all for inclusion, but I'm a white guy. If I use a white thumbs up, I feel like I am bragging, like I really need you to know that I'm white or that I'm not a minority. I use the default Simpsons Yellow to avoid that, but 'yellow' can be considered a skin tone, and there's so many that are aren't represented and ARGH I HATE IT!!

Okay, switched to NVidia drivers, and as long as I am in Plasma (but not Wayland) I can get one big 4k monitor and the 2k monitor to show, but not the other Thunderbolt monitor and, oddly, not the laptop screen itself.


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So... why won't OpenSUSE find my other monitors? They're connected, they popped up at least once...

Since I was on a roll with Tech today, I figured I'd take apart my laptop and added an extra SSD and doubled the RAM to 64 GB.

("I want to double the RAM, right?" is a Hackers move.)

@Chance is back up!

Breakers are all new and clean and awesome. (If anyone needs an electrician in Pittsburgh, I have a god one.)

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The house is getting a new breaker box today. I am going to see how long the two UPSes that are on :Chance: @Chance last, because there's a decent chance she'll survive it. If so, I don't have to restart that file upload I started back on the 19th.

Second and third words, folks. "Well Regulated" Do you think that means 'free from laws'?!

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