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I don't want to bother because I am really just putting effort in out of spite.

I do want to return it because allowing them to continue means I am being that good person who does nothing that allows evil to flourish.

But in the end, I am just bitching and moaning, and it's not like anything I would try would have a significant impact. So fuck it, I'll keep my half-sized patch and just deal with it.

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I bout a patch off Amazon that was supposed to be 4x3. It's 3x2 when I received it. When you include shipping it is definitely overpriced. I am annoyed, so I was going to return it, but it's overpriced, not bad, and by the time I put any effort at all in to return it, it's not worth it.

All of this makes me even more annoyed, so I want to return it just to not allow the company I bought it from to get away with it.

Scarlet Witch's Hellfire Gala costume has this sideways triple goddess symbol on the thigh. I kinda love that...

X-Men - Hellfire Gala 2022 Official Guide

Hulk and Thor - Banner of War has been one step of escalation after another, and it is what I believe is known as a 'slobberknocker'. I still haven't recovered from Hulk getting out of Thor having rested Mjolnir on his chest, and that was a few issues ago.

Thor #26

Mac: Reinstall from the built in recovery mode!

This fails, what do they want you to do? Install from a USB drive. Great! I have a USB drive, how do I get the OS onto it?

Step one, go get another Mac...


The thing I hate about Macs and many such types of proprietary software is that they are so full of their own ego they never believe their automated tools could fail. I have one that fails to reinstall over and over, and there is no indication of an error other than a link to their FAQ and an error message that when you look up, just says 'This failed, try again."

You're not kewl, your shit does stink, just give me a regular error log you pricks!

A universe in motion seen from the International Space Station during a night pass over Earth.

#ISS #Universe #Earth #space

Where does your average internet person go to download mp3s these days? The sites I used to go to all stopped working or something, I imagine for RIAA takedown reasons. What's the thing to go to these days?

In case you noticed the downtime, I was putting in a new router.

You guys still see me, right?

What the hell is this repeating warning in my journalctl? 😄

Jun 04 13:04:34 Volstagg kwin_x11[3308]: Warning: found huge icon. The icon data may be ill-encoded. (1148 x 1287)

"...something you didn't already have an association for, like Milk, which you might associate with Childhood, or Coconut water, which you might associate with being a wanker."


Twitter is starting to block some instances of Mastodon... Spread the word!

I hover over links and consider clicking them, but I don't want The Algorithm to start thinking I am into whatever I happen to have a passing interest in a story about.

...until I remember I am looking at Mastodon and I don't have to worry about anything like that. Thank you, Mastodon!

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