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And we hit the part of the morning that makes me want to add bourbon to my coffee.

By the way, as of this month I have been in business for myself for five years.

And profitable.

I am told this is no small feat.

I work for myself. Since I've done well, I am decently compensated, but busy as hell. The constant work is going to lead to burn-out. To combat that, I should be rewarding myself for the work, right?

Typically, the ways an employer would do so would be with better compensation or time off, both of which aren't relevant for me. So, what to I offer myself so that I feel that working hard is worth it?

(Awarding myself Employee of the Month for the last five years doesn't cit it anymore.)

Nothing like hearing an old song from a local band, getting nostalgic, and looking them up. It's an unupdated Facebook page, but there's a link to the band's site!

...on MySpace.

Do you think it's hard for people who cover songs from Rocky Horror Picture Show to not shout out the call backs during the recording session?

@NecroTechno Oh no how will people who don't know how to code get their wrong answers now?!

I know we have an actor for Eddie Brock already, but he's looking very Matt Damon here, and I think Matt would made a pretty good Eddie for how Al Ewing writes him.

Venom #9

"You're in the most dangerous real estate in the world... The small patch of carpet between my husband and his daughter."

As a father with three daughters, I know this feeling.

The Variants #2

"Take that, Witch!"

See, I think of witches, and see a guy rubbing a phallic shape, and... well... I don't think that was what they were going for in this comic.

Strange #4

I have work to do. Two tickets. Both are not getting turned over tomorrow, but both are wanted 'soon'. I also have today's workout. I am not doing any of that, I am sitting at my computer, slowly sipping my coffee, and just not doing those things.

...and feeling guilty for not working on stuff.

Need coffee to have the energy to get coffee.

I love this new librarian character, and I hope she shows up for a real date with Peter Parker.

Amazing Spider-Man #6 (or #900)

I want JJJ's view. It'd be worth a kick to the head.

Amazing Spider-Man #6 (Legacy #900)

(Betcha five bucks Felica goes commando.)

Hear me out...

We give Seth MacFarlane a Star Trek series, starring Jonathan Frakes, set at the time Picard is set. It's about Riker having to hand off control to the next crew and accepting that things evolve. I'd call it Star Trek: Titan.

I really don't want to go to my client's today, I just feel like sitting at home. So, I am checking the IP address of this client's user's computers so I can see who will actually be in the office when I get there. Two people so far, but nobody I have to deal with directly.

You know what? New rule.

If you are expecting me to train you or to explain computer basics (Like finding your own file,) then your ticket can sit in the penalty box for a day.

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Angry, annoyed rant at users 

"I am not tech savvy" is not an excuse when you need to do something for your job.

[made up example] 'I am not tech savvy. How do I see if I have a mouse?'

The problem isn't that you aren't tech savvy. The problem is you expect tech support to train you in your job, or you are a complete moron who would need to be shown which hole to apply toilet paper to in order to wipe your own ass. Even then, it's not tech supports job to educate you, find your own butthole!

Nothing says that you're a moron quite like having a sticker on your truck with a Punisher skull shaped thin-blue-line American flag. It's like having a Confederate flag shaped Constitution. Or a swastika yamaka.

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