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I am working on Saturday because I can do all my Off-Hours stuff and server reboots without worrying about users.

...but I really just want to go get the last 49 golden poops. :KorokSeed:

Oh it's still Friday, #FF me or I'll beat you up, thank you

Technomancers have magic talismans inscribed with sigils written in emojis.

Free tattoo idea that I’ve had forever but probably won’t execute:

- Get each of your kids’ birth date and time.
- Convert it to UTC
- Convert that into a Unix epoch 32-bit time stamp

Now you have the inputs to a bar code or a pseudo-tribal wrap: 1 means wide or up, 0 means down or skinny. Make it into $(num_kids) rows of 32 symbols, or a continuous band (but mark the start), or...

Shel Silverstein's Missing Piece is really a story of a person searching for a romantic relationship, isn't it?

Yeah, my USB Video kernel module and DisplayLink was updated in the build service for the new kernel, I can reboot whenever I need to, now!

Two Factor Authentication is great for verifying one person is using an account (as in, security), but I suspect it's also enforced from the vendor's standpoint to make sure you can't easily share the account. For example, when I sign into a client's Intuit account to get the latest QuickBooks update, I can't do it without bothering the client for a code sent to her phone.

My wife said she liked Pete Buttigieg. We saw him on The Daily Show, but other than being an interesting, likeable character, but we don't see any actual suggestions on what he wants to do or what he has done.

I think he's Mr. Saxon.

After this, a weird wrong turn doubled my drive time to my clients.

It's beginning to look like it might be a salmon day.

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He bought a baby gate to keep our dog out of/in rooms. Lately, my daughter has been using it to corrale a foster kitten. It just happens to be between the kitchen and my office.

I tripped over that fucking gate and spilled the breakfast sandwich I just spent twenty-five minutes making. 😡

Reading Immortal Hulk is like reading a horror movie. It is wonderfully chilling, a great blend of terror and Hulk action.

:HorizonLabs: Dan Slott did it again, Fantastic Four #10 was awesome. I don't want to spoil the last panel, but clearly that is the future of the Fantastic Four.

My eldest got a job at Breakout, an escape room place. She has to go for training, which means doing the rooms, and she brought her friends, and she wanted to bring someone who she thought was smart, which meant me.

We were successful in both rooms!

:HorizonLabs: I love Star Trek.

Gene Roddenberry's show was supposed to be about showing a future that wasn't a dystopia, but was a utopia. Something we as a species could strive to be. It still does that.

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